which alternative training is recruiting (2023)?

Each year, the Parcoursup platform is accessed by thousands of high school students looking for their next training session. And every year there are many disappointments. In 2022, these are 94 thousand candidates who found themselves empty-handed in mid-July, without any favorable guidance opinion. 2023 can be placed under the same sign.

Since the launch of this system in 2018, it has been criticized for a lack of transparency in the selection of candidates. Some students, even very bright ones, did not get their wishes. Faced with this observation, many students are looking for alternative paths. Good news : there are many alternative schools outside Parcoursup which offer attractive career opportunities.

If part of the post-graduate training goes through the Parcoursup system, there are sectors that escape and that have a special method of recruitment – ​​and directly. This is the case for certain business, engineering or web schools, BTS or even specialized training. Below we have compiled a list of some establishments that offer a good alternative to Parcoursup.

1) Business schools

Looking for business school training outside of Parcoursup? Most of the schools that recruit post-grads have a recruitment process outside of the famous platform. Whether for a 3 or 5 year course, the system is the same. Very often, these selection methods go through often written and oral competitions to find out if the candidates meet the standards of the institution.

Some schools also join together to unify their selection processes (such as the Ecricome, SESAME or PASS competition). Below, we have selected some of the off-Parcoursup trainings that offer good exit opportunities.

Business schools excluding Parcoursup in 2023:

  • Delta Business School
  • Burgundy Business School
  • EM Normandy
  • EM Strasbourg
  • ESC Pau Business School
  • Institute of Mines-Telecom Business School
  • Digital campus

Among these schools, some are training only in commerce, while others mix several fields. This list of business schools excluding Parcoursup is not exhaustive, there are many more. That being said, they are among the most serious and popular institutions for academic training.

2) Digital and web schools

To meet the challenges of tomorrow, there are specific schools for Internet professions. The latter offer a comprehensive education that provides students with the skills and abilities to better respond to a changing world. Generally, they combine the lessons of a business school (marketing, finance, etc.) with digital and data professions.

Digital school excluding Parcoursup in 2023:

  • Delta Business School
  • Graduate School of Digital
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • LA Business School
  • ESI Business School
  • EWMI
  • Digital campus

Among the leading players in the segment, Delta Business School offers training imagined by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. Several well-known entrepreneurs such as Thierry Petit (founder of Showroom Privé), Benjamin Chemla (founder of Shares and Stuart) or Catherine Spindler (deputy general manager of Lacoste) validate the school’s program every year. The non-Parcoursup school also offers talks from many entrepreneurs, including the most beautiful French unicorns, to ensure a good understanding of the environment of start-ups and scale-ups.

3) Engineering schools

Parcoursup is not essential to pursue a quality engineering training. There are many alternative schools, excluding Parcoursup, which recruit directly through recruitment sessions with their candidates.

These admission procedures are specific to each of the institutions, you should go to their website to learn more. The latter are quite present at student fairs to present their activities. Among the well-known engineering training institutions, there are in particular Epitech or SupInfo.

4) Other alternative courses for Parcoursup

In general, all sectors offer alternative training outside Parcoursup – and sometimes of very high quality. This is the case, for example, of some private preparatory classes (such as Intégrale and IPESUP) which are among the most popular in France for preparing for business school competitions.

There are also solutions for BTS outside Parcoursup, which allow post-graduation students to find training in 2 years to integrate the business world. Sectors such as journalism, art or communication are also very popular with candidates who do not wish to go through the Parcoursup process.

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