man who drugged wife to hand over to men accused of rape and murder in Paris region

Jailed for orchestrating and filming repeated rapes of his wife by strangers recruited online, the pensioner from Mazan was charged by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office with the rape and murder of a young woman in 1991 in Paris and an attempted rape in 1999 in the Paris region.

While Mazani’s rape case is still being investigated by the Avignon prosecutor’s office, two other cases have just been caught up with the 70-year-old pensioner, jailed after drugging and handing his wife over to around forty men recruited online. pavilion in Mazan (Vaucluse). The man must now also face charges of attempted rape, rape and murder, Nanterre reports, confirming information from Morning Vaucluse.

The facts date back to when the couple was still living in the Paris region. On December 4, 1991, Sophie Marne, a 23-year-old real estate agent, was found dead in Paris when she had an appointment with a client to visit a house. The victim was drugged with ether, beaten with a knife, tied and raped before being killed.

In the other case, which happened on May 11, 1999 in Villeparisis in Seine-et-Marne, the victim was also an employee of a real estate agency, but she managed to escape her attacker, who tried to put her to sleep with ether . to violate it.

The two cases, unsolved and closed with dismissals, could have ended there. But 23 years after the attempted rape of Villeparisis, investigators create connections between the two “cold cases”, struck by the similarity of the modus operandi and the context of the facts.both carried out as part of a visit to the apartment, where both victims were real estate agents“, specifies the Nanterre parquet floor.

On October 12 and 13, 2022, the pensioner from Mazani was taken out of the cell to be heard by the investigating judge sequestered both cases together with additional requests from the prosecution.

At the end of his police detention, the suspect is charged with “for the murder preceded, accompanied or followed by another murder like the one on December 4 in Paris and for the attempted rape with a weapon committed on May 11, 1999.” and was imprisoned.

Linked to the attempted rape of Villaparisis by his DNA, the suspect admits his involvement, but he denies being the killer of Sophie Marne, to whom no evidence has been able to formally pin him, according to Morning Vaucluse.

At the same time, in Avignon, the investigation continues. To date, around 50 men, aged between 25 and 70, have been charged with aggravated voyeurism and rape, some have been placed in pre-trial detention.

These “clients” recruited from the Internet were identified in the videos that the husband made without their knowledge during sexual relations with his wife stunned by powerful anxiolytics.

The 60-year-old couple, originally from the Paris region, moved to Mazan in 2010. The rapes began soon after.

It wasn’t until September 12, 2020 that the sordid affair broke out, when the husband was caught in a supermarket in Carpentras filming up women’s skirts.

In the voyeur’s home, investigators discover about 20,000 pornographic images.

In these proceedings, the husband is accused of rape and complicity in aggravated rape by administering a substance that can alter the victim’s discernment, invasion of privacy by capturing and distributing images of a sexual nature.

The couple’s daughter has recounted her mother’s bitter experience in a book “And I Stopped Calling You Father”, released in April 2022 by Jean-Claude Lattès publications.

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