How many euros do you earn on average in your life?

During his lifetime, a person completes an average of 20 years of practice, works for 45 years and receives a pension for 20 years. Regardless of the amount earned during a working life, there are many who dream of earning more to realize all their projects. Is there a way to increase your income?

The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) has estimated the average net monthly salary in France at 2,340 euros for 2022. Over a year, this represents nearly 39,300 euros gross. Also, the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) has estimated the average amount of pension for pensioners residing in France. According to his figures, this is set for all plans combined at €1,509 gross per month, or €1,182 net.

  • If we take these figures, a person who is in the middle class will earn approximately 1,263,600 euros net salary during his working life. She will receive nearly 283,680 euros of pension, for a period of 20 years.
  • Consequently, the amount a person can earn during his lifetime is calculated at 1,547,280 euros, wages and pensions together.

Yet the French are losing money every day due to inflation. This is evidenced, for example, by the exponential increase in the price of pasta, which increased by 12% in one year. In such conditions, what solutions are there to increase your income?

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What are the solutions available to increase your income?

Who hasn’t dreamed of relaxing in a pool, traveling the world or buying the car or house of their dreams? Like everyone else, you certainly have many projects for your future that you want to accomplish. But to achieve your dreams, the same question arises: with what money?

Although there are many, the solutions are not always promising. Sports betting, casino, millions of euros or Lotto… Many French try their luck to win the jackpot. Unfortunately, it is difficult to rely on gambling to win a nice jackpot. Most of the time, the benefits received are insufficient to see the success of your projects.

Maybe you don’t know that there are other, much more reliable solutions to increase your savings? This is especially the case of investments in the financial markets, a solution now accessible to everyone from €300 to consolidate their assets thanks to the Lyon fintech, Mon Petit Placement.

It is common for some people to be reluctant to invest. Between the uncertainties and the lack of knowledge on the subject, it can be difficult to invest. Is this the right time? Is it really worth investing €100 a month? The answer is yes. By starting to invest early and regularly, you will see your capital grow within days. What to prepare your future calmly and without thinking about it!

Let’s take the example of Mon Petit Placement. Investing €122 per month from the age of 30 via in the Energetic portfolio, your capital will reach €100,000 when you turn 60, provided you reinvest your interest. An economically attractive solution, the annual benefit of this portfolio reaches 5%.

Do you know the investment solution of Mon Petit Placement?

To grow your savings safely, an effective option is to turn to the investment solutions offered by Mon Petit Placement.

  • Simple and fast: everything is done entirely online, so you can open your account in ten minutes, even on Sunday from your sofa!
  • Accessible, now you can increase your savings and make your investments profitable from €300. With Mon Petit Placement, it is possible to build capital and thus realize your projects!
  • Reactive: if you have any questions, you can contact them from their chat, or by e-mail and phone. Very responsive, they help you 7 days a week!
  • Customized solution, Mon Petit Placement adapts to you and your experience to offer you several solutions with different levels of profitability. All this, fully tailored to your profile! Their portfolios are classified according to the level of risk and performance.
  • Benefit from premium financial products selected by real experts, such as Lazard, Rothschild or JPMorgan. These high-end investments are carefully selected to grow your wealth.
  • The platform allows you to invest while respecting your personal beliefs. Indeed, you can focus your investments on specific themes or values, such as technology, the environment, health or equality.
  • Finally, Mon Petit Placement partners with reputable insurers in the market. The interface offers a completely secure solution where your personal and banking details remain protected.

And for the more careful among you, Mon Petit Placement has thought of everything! The fintech recently released its new Anti-Inflation investment. This has capital returned over 6 years, allowing you to get a return of between 1.5 and 7%, depending on the previous year’s inflation rate.

How does Mon Petit Placement work to invest?

Mon Petit Placement offers you to increase your income by taking out a life insurance policy. Contrary to many popular beliefs on the subject, your money is never blocked. You can withdraw it at any time and at no cost!

It is life insurance 2.0, much more dynamic than those generally offered by traditional banks.

And the icing on the cake, you get a tax advantage after eight years. So it is better to start early with modest amounts and show regularity to benefit from it!

The platform is paid for performance via commissions are only charged if your investment is realized. You can withdraw your capital whenever you want, free of charge. There is no commitment, you keep control of your money!

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Make your money grow with Mon Petit Placement in 4 steps

If you’re ready to grow your money with Mon Petit Placement, make sure you follow these four steps!

1. Go to the website of My little investment.

2. Click “Get Started” and fill out the form in less than 10 minutes. The Mon Petit Placement team will take care to provide you with a fully customized investment strategy, fully adapted to your profile and your needs.

3. Get your personalized advice free of charge and without obligation. In case of questions, you can contact an adviser by phone, e-mail or via chat on their website!

4. If the strategy suits you, all you have to do is verify your account! You can then track your placement online via your customer area. Are you ready to take this new step in realizing your projects?

Article produced in partnership with Mon Petit Placement

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