Energy, Internet, telephony… how Cherpas reduces the queue, Success Story

Amid rising pricespower, Not expensive and his offer is perfect! Rennes startup, created in 2019 by Bertrand Jerman AND Benoit Perrin, analyzes your electricity, gas, mobile or internet bills and compares them with market offers. It is then up to you whether or not to take out a new contract depending on any savings.

The service is free for the consumer, the start is paid with a commission from the supplier. Former director of a publishing company for online price comparison sites, Bertrand Jermann revealed subscription world and that of subscribers. “I had, on the one hand, a price-driven commodity market and, on the other, passive consumers, frustrated by the ambiguity of their contracts. I wanted to create a tool that provides access to key information : Can I reduce my bill or not? explains the CEO, who graduated from a school of trade.

To set up this continuous algorithmic monitoring, he joined forces with polytechnic Benoît Perrin, former technical director of a medtech. A complementary duo then takes the reins of the start-up.

Pilots needed

The engineer starts building their product, brick by brick. “I recommend enriching a technology as it is
validation by market appetite
. The exercise is complicated, but it should be done every time
consumer interest “, emphasizes Bertrand Jermann. The leader insists on
that a start-up should tell them shakingif necessary, depending on the market return.

The marketing approach has also been refined. “We asked ourselves the question: How? generate an emotion compared to our promise? We do not ‘sell’ an economy. We are here, above all, for him reassure the consumer feared, discredited by operators, for his contracts. We offer a friend service,” explains the manager.

A virtuous circle of faith

In 2022, Cherpas is taking the turn of a complementary BtoB offer. “It is addressed to industrial companies, which are large consumers of energy and seek to reduce their bills. This segment of the market is currently booming,” explains the manager. To the point that it could occupy 75% of the company’s turnover within two years, from 100,000 euros in 2021.

This new development was made possible thanks to the fundraising of 1 million euros at the beginning of 2022, from business angelfrom the French Tech Seed fund i Bpifrance and banking partners. Thus, Cherpas was able to recruit five people, bringing their workforce to 12 employees. The startup has also sped it up
customer purchase
thanks to a significant budget dedicated to advertising on social networks. Because “appearing on a consumer market is very difficult,” notes Bertrand Jermann, who claims 30,000 individual Cherpas users to date.

“The Bpifrance fund has grown because they were reassured by our profile
business angel
and our support from the region Brittany. A lesson to be learned is that
calls for trust”, analyzes Bertrand Jermann. Incubating the startup inside
Emergency Brittany
, taking an advance refundable of 300,000 euros from the region, to which were added a Bpifrance grant of 50,000 euros and a Bank loan of 80,000 euros… From its beginnings, the region gave Cherpa the means to appease new arrivals. And if the company is not yet profitable in 2022, it should be next year.

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