Crypto conferences: 6 events not to be missed in 2023

Meetings at the top! – The year 2022 is also an opportunity to look back at many conferences that bring together experts and professionals in the crypto sector. salons which, like Crypt’OxR which is held in Auxerre on January 21, will often experience a new edition in 2023. The opportunity to immerse yourself in these great gatherings that mark our crypto year!

Starknet CC, summaries take center stage

July 2022, Comet Bourse, Paris. This is the place where first edition of Starknet CC. A crypto event organized in partnership with Corner newspaper and devoted to one of the networks of the second layer ofEthereum the most promising. starware. The event allowed more than 400 ecosystem enthusiasts to meet and discuss the future developments of this technology. Thus, teams of programmers were able to present their innovations at various seminars and conferences.

Purpose? Let the uninitiated understand the mechanics of this new technology with a somewhat barbaric name: proof of zero knowledge disclosure. This means the ability to provide evidence that someone has information without revealing said information. Magic, you say? No, technology. And, if you’re curious to know more, the event Starkware Session 2023 will be held in less than a month, February 5 and 6 other.

Starkware introduces Starknet CC in partnership with many major players in the crypto world

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Put on your crypto-skis to surf at Avalanche Summit

March 2022, Barcelona. Spain’s mildness is also favorable for crypto events. Avalanche Summit in the spring of 2022 it was the meeting point for all players in the ecosystem looking to build the next blockchain revolution. In this sense, the Avalanche network, an ultra-fast smart contract platform thanks to its multiple subnetsposes as a reliable partner of giants like Ethereum.

Blockchain has more greatly accelerated its development in 2021 and then in 2022, encouraging developers to come and build their apps on Avalanche. And, the organizers are ready to set the stage again with one new edition planned by May 3 to 5.

ETH Denver

March 2022, Denver. L’ETH Denver it is also an annual event not to be missed. One of the largest dedicated events Ethereum, spanning more than a week. He is famous for it Buidlathlon, a whole week uniting the community around a common goal: blockchain development. Hands-on practice, collaboration, team building, workshops, networking… The perfect cocktail that allows players in the sector to meet and build the world of tomorrow together.

of next edition will be held very soon, from February 24 to March 5, 2023.

Dev Connect Amsterdam, the merging of brains

April 2022, Amsterdam. Similarly, blockchain Ethereum it was also emphasized within this European conference. It brings together the community of crypto experts around the top issues of the moment. Security, Layer 2, Challenges, the education of programmers in the Solidity language or the methods of transition from web 2 to web 3… Many activities and seminars are offered in parallel throughout the event. There is something for all tastes and all levels. Dev Connect Amsterdam.

Thanks to this type of event is also to communicate among themselves all the teams that build Ethereum. To advance together this giant octopus of the web3.

PICS, the gathering in the sun of crypto-beginners

June 2022, Tahiti. The ability to jump to the other side of the planet to talk crypto. On the beautiful island of Tahiti, there stood one Big conference for 3 days at the initiative of our favorite editor, Banner Hellmouth. Purpose? Get to know the Polynesian population to familiarize them with the many, sometimes obscure, concepts associated with cryptocurrencies. It was also about the dismantling of numerous cartoons, the subject of which the latter are regularly.

Mining, ecology, payments, tax returns, project development… Many topics were discussed to give ideas to the participants. The objective is to the growth of initiatives related to the crypto universe in Fenua. A the second tip has already been announced, although the exact date is still under wraps.

What better than the PICS conference to discuss crypto in the paradisiacal setting of Tahiti.
PICS, the inter-island crypto conference

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ETH CC, the conference on Ethereum

July 2022, Paris. L’Ethereum Community Conference is a benchmark in crypto. A conference where Vitalik Buterin intervened for him to detail her vision for the future of the ecosystem. The whole challenge behind ETH CC is to rely on industry experts in order to spread knowledge about blockchain and its challenges to as many people as possible. Indeed, actors from all over the world meet in Paris to share their knowledge and exchange with their colleagues through conferences and seminars.

of 6th edition is already scheduled for July 17 to 20, 2023

There are many opportunities for crypto enthusiasts and the curious to learn more about this new and expanding cryptocurrency universe. These conferences allow blockchain and web3 developers and actors to meet and ultimately act together for a common goal. She to democratize this revolution as best as possible, sharing their experiences as in Bitcoin Surfinga partner conference of which is also the Journal du Coin.

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