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3D creation is the new dimension given to e-commerce by Jean-Frédéric Tanguy, founder of the Carré Digital agency, specialized in retail design. How? Providing a virtual pop-up for luxury brands that want to deliver a 100% immersive customer experience on the Net.

Traditionally, the merchant site is a blank page with text and images that can be scrolled, or scrollable as we say on the web. This is how we currently “buy” on the Internet. It’s a highly formatted experience that allows for quick purchases. This was the main purpose of e-commerce.

However, customers are looking for rich, emotional experiences. Even more the luxury ones!”, says Jean-Frédéric Tanguy, the agency’s founder Square digital, which has brands such as Louis Vuitton and Givenchy in its client portfolio. “From where interest in replicating as much as possible the physical shopping experience, but accessible from your mobile, at home”.

Make way for comprehensive shopping in the virtual store, customized in brand colors ! In this space completely modeled in 3D, the customer can wander between the rows and literally immerse himself in the universe of the brand. “With 3D, we can carefully work out every detail, including textures and lights, to make the experience as real as possible.“, he assures.
In other words, immersive experiences allow you to get closer to the reality of the product : a must in the case of luxury! A few clicks are enough to see a branded product “up close” in 3D.

Thanks to my experience in retail design and that of my partner Raphaël Lopez in merchandising, we are also able to support brands in developing optimized virtual customer journeys, for example by defining on-site areas by product type, with customizable clickable markers, such as a 3D product sheet, prompting a paid online purchase, launching an informational video, etc.“, explains Jean-Frédéric Tanguy.

The experience is really different from that of a regular site.Creating a virtual shopping experience accessible from your mobile means meeting consumers and creating brand preferenceshe points out. Because we don’t just give them a description and a visual of the product, we give them an immersive experience that they can end up with a purchase. Knowing that this experience can be further enhanced by using a virtual reality headset“.

In this virtual store, the customer journey is thus improved and therefore necessarily more favorable for sales. What a study conducted by GetApp confirms: 69% of respondents would like to be able to buy clothes and accessories in virtual reality. Proof that the virtual store makes commerce more attractive to customers.

Another advantage of the virtual store: customers can go there and buy online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And this applies worldwide. This means the brand can launch a 3D pop-up worldwide, which can be customized for each geographic area. “Creating a virtual store takes us about a month“, he specifies. A short term, which fits perfectly with this need to create temporary stores for a specific need, such as for example the release of a limited collection online.

With the development of metaverse and web3D, virtual 3D shops seem to have a bright future. Especially since the luxury e-commerce market is developing at breakneck speed. After climbing nearly 25% in one year to reach 10% of global luxury sales, it should occupy 25% of the market by 2025! 3D virtual stores should multiply quickly!

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