Balena Crypto invests $100,000 in C+Charge, EV payment platform

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Investors are rushing to get presale tokens of the promising project C + Load green cryptocurrency. As seen on BscScan, a whale recently got hold of 99,000 tokens in one go. C+Charge is creating a peer-to-peer payment platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging. This platform, powered by cryptocurrencies, could revolutionize the electric vehicle charging sector, according to observers.

Indeed, C+Charge’s platform will offer EV owners the opportunity to earn carbon credits every time they charge their vehicle, which is an industry first. Since starting its pre-sale round a few weeks ago, the project has already raised nearly $250,000. C+Charge’s CCHG token, which will power its EV charging app, is currently available for 0.013 USDT. According to some analysts, this is a very attractive price.

What is C+Charge?

C+Charge is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer payment platform designed to enable electric vehicle driverslike Tesla, to enter the carbon credit market.

Indeed, EV drivers will use the C+Charge app to pay for their vehicle’s charging. They will make the payment using CCHG, C+Charge’s native cryptocurrency. In return, they will receive as a reward carbon credits in the form of GNT tokens or Goodness Native Tokens, which will be stored in their account on the C+Charge platform. The GNT token represents a verified, non-binding carbon credit and is backed by venture capitalists a16z Crypto and Samsung Next, as well as fund manager Invesco.

The more EV chargers and drivers there are and the more CCHGs they spend, the more they earn GNT signs. Electric vehicle owners with CCHG tokens can also passively earn carbon credits. There is a 1% tax on all transactions that the C+Charge platform spends on buying GNT carbon credits and then distributing them proportionally to CCHG token holders.

This application will not only serve as an EV charging payment platform and a carbon credit tracking system, but will also allow users to easily geolocate nearby charging stations from them. In addition, it will provide useful information such as real-time charger waiting time and technical diagnostics of the charging station.

C+Charge should have great success with the development of the carbon credit market

Given the recent growth rate of the carbon credit market, C+Charge can be very successful. This is certain, insofar as we are in a context of countries competing to fight against climate change. According to Refinitiv analysts, the value of traded carbon credits increased by 164% in 2022 to reach a total trading volume of $851 billion.

Furthermore, according to analysis by Coherent Market Insights, the global carbon credit market capitalization was approximately $211.5 billion in 2019. According to forecasts, it should reach more than 2400 billion dollars by 2027. But the carbon credit market still has major problems, including that of its centralization and concentration.

Carbon credit market remains heavily dominated by the big players, which makes it largely inaccessible to individuals. Large players in the industrial and manufacturing sector can buy and hold bulk loans. This is the case for large retailers, such as electric vehicle maker Tesla, who can sell credits in bulk.

However, until now, the technology has not been there to balance the relationship between the major players and the individuals democratizing access to this booming market. To that end, C+Charge aims to change that, bringing other benefits to the EV charging industry. Among these, more transparent prices and real-time information on charging stations.

Investors should also be aware of this C+Charge is holding a $50,000 sweepstakes. To be eligible to win this amount, you must hold at least $100 CCHG on the day of the draw.

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