Albi. Despite the crisis, the city will increase investments

The mayor and her two deputies presented yesterday the main projects that will mark the year 2023. Unlike many municipalities, Albi will invest massively (33.4 million euros).

In Albi we like to stand out. Thus, at a time when some communities are reducing their investments due to the inflationary crisis, in Albi we are betting on the opposite. Budget 2023 gives pride of place to high-growth investments. Because for the municipality team, in this difficult period, it is necessary for the companies to be helped with the public order and to continue the construction of the territory for the following years.

So it was with some satisfaction that yesterday Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil and her two assistants, Michel Franques and Roland Gilles, presented the main investments for the year. “The investment budget is increasing. It amounts to €33.4 million. Equipment expenses represent €21.7 million, individual operations more than €17 million,” underlined Roland Gilles, the city’s chief financial officer. And Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil to point out that most of these investments were in the majority program. “We were elected in a program that we are putting out”, recalls the elected official.

Most of the projects are popular. However, three innovations. That of virtual reality in the Old Bridge (see the box), the constitution of an Albigensian youth council and the creation of padel courts and the renovation of the existing one near the Stadium.

Otherwise, the year 2023 will be marked by the continuation of the greening of the city with the creation of the Parc de la Madeleine, the revegetation of the Bonaparte plaque in Cantepau. On the Madeleine garden level, a consultation will be held to find out what future to give to the masonry located there. Even school yards and cemeteries will be green again, unlike what was done a few years ago. The presentation of the gardens of the Saint-Viateur family will continue.

Thermal level, renovation of schools continues. Most of the buildings date from the 1950s and 1960s. The other two that will be the subject of work are Rayssac (2023) and Rochegude (2024). Unlike the first facilities, the work cannot be done in the summer. The city will also launch a study to set up a school in the next few years in Pinérato.

The year 2023 will see the implementation of selected projects within the participatory budget.

acceptance skills

The year will also mark the launch of a major structuring project for the years to come: the future Lapérouse museum. The city, which finally won the treasure in December, will launch an architectural competition. But the mayor did not want to reveal more at the moment. As in the upcoming county mobility center, which should make good progress this year. Announcements will be made very soon.

On the sports side, the emphasis this year will be on reception skills. Objective: “to support clubs in their search for new recipes”. Thus, Mazicou and Stadium will be equipped with waiting rooms.

Investments announced because they are financed by the budget voted in December. This is not the case for Agglo’s which will be on February 14. This is exactly why the president wants some of her colleagues to avoid publishing in the press projects that have not yet been voted on.

An interactive terminal on the old bridge

As part of the work on the Old Bridge, the city will install a virtual reality terminal on the Madeleine platforms. Visitors will thus be able to discover the history of one of the oldest bridges still in use in France. This unprecedented experience will take us back to the time of its construction in the 11th century. The selected company has already worked in Bruges or Blois. The cost of the project is €75,000. The pier will remain for at least the duration of the work, i.e. 2 years. In addition to improving this listed bridge, it is intended to give the right bank a new attraction. Especially in this period when the bridge will be closed. “La Madeleine is an area that deserves to be rediscovered,” insisted Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil.

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