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With its online training offer and its certification courses, RECONVERT puts its qualified computer trainers at the service of companies, the self-employed looking for additional training or individuals in professional retraining, with a clear objective: to provide solutions for a rapid and rapid growth. focused ability. Interview with Léopold Gamba, President of the company.

A successful training catalog

Since the development of its offer, RECONVERT positions itself as an expert player in distance IT training: “This specific RECONVERT activity benefits from more than 15 years of cumulative experience of our teams of expert trainers, with more than 2,000 employees and job seekers trained in web development” explains Leopold Gamba. Thus, the company offers intensive IT training, LIVE or VOD, in computer development and programming, especially for companies. Among its clients, there are all kinds of profiles, and mainly ESNs (digital service companies). Its approach, both in-house and inter-company, makes it possible to cover all their IT-oriented training needs.

Opportunity to retrain and change jobs

Reconvert trains you in retraining and allows you to change jobs with support
Reconvert trains you in retraining and allows you to change jobs while being accompanied © Reconvert

In addition to intensive IT training, RICONVERT training for retraining. “This is the whole idea behind RECONVERT (whose name comes from the term ‘reconvert’): to allow everyone, regardless of their initial background, to acquire new IT skills by reorienting themselves so that they can then start new new professional projects.” This retraining interests more and more employees from all fields, and precisely to support this public RECONVERT organizes two main courses, in the form of certification of business retraining courses.

The first way “Become a Python + PHP Web Developer” lasting 57 days enables anyone retraining to boost their career, with 3 main certifications: Python3, PHP and Symfony. Second course “Become a Java + Angular Web Developer” for 61 days gives access to professional Java, Spring and Angular certificates. Intensive and targeted programs, with a planned start date of early 2023.

An international ambition

RECONVERT and its team prepares its clients to position themselves more effectively in a booming market:Today, the development and IT market in general is doing very well, because it is driven by unmet requirements, adds Léopold Gamba. This market is open and we see that the demands are there. In IT and data, companies are constantly looking for talent. They are now recruiting non-IT profiles on a grassroots basis, with the aim of training them and then integrating them into their team and thus filling a specific need. We can then step in to take responsibility for developing their skills and strengthening their profile.

RECONVERT will expand internationally and open branches in several countries. “What motivates us above all is to train while offering quality”, says Léopold Gamba. Each of our training courses offers a successful pedagogical variation.” Within the RECONVERT team, about fifteen expert speakers, for distance courses in French and English. “We also want to give access to these very high-level training courses to populations whose immediate context does not necessarily allow access to traditional training courses, with the necessary equipment. For example, in February we are opening a branch in Dakar. Easy access to knowledge is an aspect of our business and a value I find important.”

Support beyond training

RECONVERT Carrières offers employment support, with CV review and company referral
RECONVERT Carrières offers employment support, with CV review and broadcasting to companies © Reconvert

On the strength of the many requests for retraining highlighted by the recent health crisis, RECONVERT has tried to develop a branch of complementary activity, a new HR service that supports the client beyond his training need. with RECONVERT Careerthe company offers employment support, with CV review and its transmission to companies: “In this way, candidates and companies can be put in touch, it is the HR support that makes sense so that we do not abandon our newly acquired talents – RECONVERT is not just training, but a real conversion support . Once registered, retraining candidates have access to the database of job offers from recruitment companies. An additional opportunity for RECONVERT to extend its services to the French and international markets from 2023, soon with new courses in data sciences and DevOps, and the ambition to spread its expertise worldwide.

At the heart of current professional concerns, targeted computer skills must be mastered in many contexts. RECONVERT offers all professional profiles a solid qualification in information technology through certified training.

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