The main winter sales kick off this January 11: these pitfalls to avoid in stores and online

This Wednesday, January 11 marks the start of winter sales in most French departments. This discount period will run until Tuesday, February 7th. Overview of scams and other pitfalls to avoid.

Sales in stores

Watch out for inflated base prices
Increase the base price of the product on the tag to trick the customer into believing that the discount on the product is greater than it actually is. This practice is especially prevalent in more expensive products such as high-tech products. In order not to be deceived, it is good to identify in advance the prices of the products you are interested in in stores and on the Internet.

Beware of mixed sale and non-sale items
Sale and non-sale items are often mixed together so that the customer thinks that all sale items are also sale, so pay attention to the labels. The law requires that salable and non-salable items be presented separately.

Remove the calculator to avoid “false” reductions
Before you go to checkout, take the time to check that the price is right using your smartphone calculator or a mobile app. If the price is wrong, don’t hesitate to report it to the seller.

The Sales Calculator app, available for free at Google Play AND Apple Store, it is very easy to use. You enter the starting price, select the discount percentage and get the markup amount and the final price.

Note the words “neither returned nor exchanged”
Even if some dealers display the words “neither return nor exchange” on their items, they are bound to enforce statutory warranties of conformity and hidden defects. A product for salebenefits from the same guarantees in terms of non-obvious manufacturing defects, lack of conformity or after-sales service”, recalls Fraud Suppression.

Products that are too recent to be on sale
Discounts can only be linked to products on the shelves and paid for at least one month to the supplier on the start date of the sales period (article L.310-3 of the Commercial Code).

Three mandatory statements on labels
The sales product label must include three pieces of information: the retail price, the sale price, and the discount rate. If not, it is not compatible.

Synonyms of “good deals”, the #sale sometimes rhymes with tricks. What are the obligations of #traders and the rights of #consumers ? Respond a few days before the start of winter sales? @Economie_Gov #trade #trader

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Online sales

Go to popular sites
Buy from sites you know or check out. First, check that you are not on a fraudulent copy of an official site. Be careful, only one character can sometimes change compared to the official site. If you are on a site that you do not recognize, check that it has not been created for this occasion and search for its name in a search engine to consult the opinions of Internet users.

Beware of phishing
Phishing is a very common fraudulent technique. When you receive an offer by SMS or email, carefully check the sending addresses by checking the characters one by one. Don’t click on links or open attachments from unknown senders, because a single click can give your login codes, personal data and banking details to hackers.

Withdrawal period
In addition, for purchases made online, you have a withdrawal period.not 14 days from receiving the item to return it, without having to justify it. The seller must then refund you within fourteen days of the date on which you inform them of your decision to withdraw.

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