the government wants a “code of conduct”!

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While aiming to regulate the activity of social media stars, who promote brands to their audience in not always very clear conditions, the government has announced the opening of a public consultation…

( – As controversies follow each other in the world of influencer marketing, public authorities want to regulate the activity of social network stars, who promote brands to their audience under conditions that are not always very clear, and regulate a sector that is attracting more and more advertisers. After organizing a round table in Bercy last November, the government has announced the opening of a public consultation to define “a code of good conduct”.

In a video posted on social media on Sunday, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire called for “maximum” participation in the consultation “to better support and supervise influencers”. “I need you”, he started, specifying that online content creators, “better known as influencers” are “150,000”.

Millions of you consult their opinions, their recommendations in the field of fashion, sports, beauty, travel. Therefore they play a role in our everyday life. This gives them a special responsibility”, the tenant of Bercy also assessed…

Consumer protection and influencer support

If he claims that “among all these influencers, the vast majority of them obviously respect the rules”, the minister wanted to warn that there are also “certain frauds or sometimes just certain mistakes”. “We forget to say that we were paid to recommend such a product, such a site or such a trip,” he added. In the context of a product giveaway or a paid collaboration, the rule is simple: influencers must clearly mention their partnership with their community.

“It is these inconsistencies, these deficiencies, sometimes even this fraud, that we want to correct with the regulation of this sector”, explained Bruno Le Maire, emphasizing that the objective is above all “to protect consumers”. “Then it’s about supporting the influencers who are responsible,” he added.

According to the Minister of Economy, it will be necessary to agree “on a certain number of rules, behaviors” to build with the influencers. “a code of good conduct”. Accessible until January 31, the public consultation “will allow all French people who wish to express themselves in 11 measures divided into four themes”, he detailed.

A “new form of worker”

A bill aimed at combating the excesses of influencers on social networks has already been presented at the end of December by two Socialist MPs, Arthur Delaporte and Boris Vallaud. The text aims to regulate the activity of influencers, who constitute a “new form of employee” in social networks, while “the part of entertainment aimed at following the daily life of hitherto anonymous candidates has increased significantly”, since “the emergence of reality TV in the 2000s and airing ‘Loft Story’ then ‘Star Academy'”.

In particular, they propose banning the promotion of “financial investment and digital assets that involve risks of loss to the consumer” by influencers. The proposal will be considered in early February by the National Assembly.

As a reminder, in July 2021, Nabilla Benattia-Vergara was fined 20,000 euros after being fined for “deceptive commercial practices by the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF). The influencer had promoted financial services on Snapchat without mentioned that she was paid to …

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