Stack Talent: a specialized Blockchain recruitment firm

A growing sector that is boosting the job market

With the advent of Bitcoin in 2009 – and more recently with the general excitement around the metaverse and NFTs – came what is known as Web 3.0, shaking up the digital industry.

In a few years, the number of users of virtual currencies and their decentralized systems has grown exponentially. According to a study conducted in January 2022 by ADAN and KPMG, 8% of the French now own crypto, and 30% plan to invest. The crypto market also crosses $2 trillion in capitalization for the first time in 2021.

This new growing ecosystem has seen the birth of new professions: indeed, the needs of blockchain engineers, blockchain consultants, software engineers or even DeFi Analysts or Token Economists are multiplying. In addition to these new jobs, there are also recruitments for more traditional positions – law, marketing, communication, design – needed by the continuous increase in the number of users.

While the workforce of crypto companies has already grown by 120% in 2022, an additional 900 jobs should be created next year. ” The sector continues to expand with record investments in new start-ups, but also traditional companies that are taking the turn of Web 3 and developing new use cases, such as GAFAM, LVMH, Casino, or even EDF, who are also looking of skilled talents. understanding and coping with these new challenges. Supporting these large companies is a key challenge to maintain French excellence and our industrial flagships at the forefront of innovation.“.

What are the solutions to this talent shortage?

As the needs of recruiters continue to grow, recruit new talent Web3 qualified presents today a real challenge.

Alongside traditional sourcing and assessment skills, it’s about identifying profiles with knowledge and sensitivity. sector-specific, either within traditional high-tech companies or outside traditional channels. You also have to adapt to ways of organizing work that are constantly being redefined. », explains Aurélien MARY, Co-Founder of Stack Talent.

Stack Talent: the recruiting expert for Web 3

In addition to representing a core issue for Web 3 players, recruitment requires a good understanding of this sector and the talent being developed there. It is here that Stack Talent intervenes, using a very specific methodology described by Sébastien MESLE, Co-Founder of Stack Talent: “ We are not content with LinkedIn or our top school networks to identify top-level profiles. We build the platforms used by Web3 pioneers – like Twitter, Discord, GitHub, Reddit, StackoverFlow. There we find profiles that are sometimes less conventional, but extremely competent in specific positions. In addition, we are developing in-house technology solutions to facilitate profile matching. In particular, we study innovative research techniques: optimized removal, AI, deep learning, machine learning, etc. »

Thanks to these innovative methods, Stack Talent teams are able to help their clients simplify their process, recruiting for them suitable profiles for any type of contract, be it engineers, business managers, product owners, project managers, community managers, legal or even C/Top level management functions.

A firm in full development

Thanks to its team of nine employees from engineering schools and business schools, all experts in the Web 3 ecosystem, Stack Talent is now developing various skills in the field of blockchain, metaverse, gaming, NFTs, security, but also Challenge, or even Research. & Development.

We help companies build their recruitment strategy. We then identify profiles and people, who we meet during several interviews before arranging a meeting with the company. Our objective? Support our candidates and clients in their recruitment so they can focus on their core business and creating high added value explains Paul WOLF, partner at Stack Talent.

To carry out its activities, the company relies on a wide network of partners consisting of 10 schools, 50 Web 3 companies, 5 associations and 5 VCs and incubators: a network that the company now aims to develop internationally.

With more than 1500 profiles present in the “talent hub” and already more than fifty satisfied customers, Stack Talent’s first year looks to be a success. The internationalization of its activity, expansion of the offer around consultancy, internal development, presence in the metaverse and the creation of Tech platforms are the main challenges before this recruitment firm which has quickly established itself as a leader in its sector.

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