Social tourism: Lionel Terray’s home, pioneering and ultra-connected

In Courchevel 1850, the holiday center managed by FOL Savoie is reopening version 3.0, after a major renovation and an investment of 4 million euros.

After eighteen months of work, Lionel Terray’s house can once again welcome the public. Built in 1963 and operated for fifty years, and for another twenty years, by the Federation of Lay Works (FOL) Savoie through a public service delegation, it has been completely modernized and extended over 720 m2 to meet the new expectations of the customer. base. “The last works date back to 2007 and this time we needed a very ambitious and innovative project capable of meeting the challenges over the next twenty years.” welcomes Dimitri Fotiadi, head of the “sport and youth” department of the Savoie department, owner of the walls.

300m from the Croisette, Lionel Terray’s house, named after the famous climber, is dedicated to social tourism – photo credit FOL Savoie

More comfort

The building, whose 2730 m2 is spread over four floors, now has 184 beds, or thirty more, corresponding to six classes of 30 students. And each room (from two to five beds) now has its own shower and toilet to provide more comfort. Furthermore, the building has been redesigned to be sustainable: insulation, energy, wood boiler (to replace oil), internal pipes… and future cladding. Added to this is accessibility, with the installation of a lift and safety in accordance with the new standards. “These last two items represented a budget of 1.4 million euros from a total envelope of 4 million euros (including a subsidy of 400 thousand euros from the Region for the purchase of furniture and 150 thousand euros from the Department)details, for his part, Nicolas Favre, general delegate of FOL Savoie, who financed €3.45 million in capital and ensures operation until 2039. And other works, up to €1.46 million, are specifically programmed to optimize thermal insulation, subject to the allocation of a subsidy from the European program Interreg Alcotra.
Enough to wait in the best conditions – when the center was already full – students in discovery classes (35% of the clientele), colonies (40%), sports clubs (15%) and families (10%) who came so far thanks . for assisted equipment, in accordance with the will of the Department, which aims to promote social tourism. That is, in total, 20,000 recorded days per year, from December to April and from mid-June to mid-September, all audiences combined. Starting with the high market, requests for colony registration are coming in earlier than usual.

The tunnel of electronic sports and virtual reality

A holiday center which seeks to be a pioneer in education, with the construction of an educational project about digital technology.
“Starting from the premise that it is counterproductive to oppose teaching and digital technology and that it is essential to enslave technology to provide education for all, we have created an inclusive learning space on one floor equipped with a digital wall, terminals educational and intergenerational entertainment. and a virtual reality room where we provide educational content aimed at preparing for emergency situations (avalanche, building flooding, etc.)”Nicolas Favre and Dimitri Fotiadi explain in one voice.
And the icing on the cake for gamers, an e-sports tunnel has been created to promote e-sports in full motion. The first e-sports camp will take place in July 2023 with, in the program, e-sports in the morning and outdoor activities in the afternoon. “To bring young people aged 10 to 17 to discover the mountains and create a balance”, points out Nicolas Favre.

La FOL Savoie (€7 million turnover, 91 employees), which owns, among other things, two other collective reception centers, plans to renovate the Féclaz one. dawn, with 100 beds, will be rehabilitated and expanded. The cost of the works, which will start in June 2023 for a period of fourteen months, should be at least 2.5 million euros.

Patricia Rey

Photo credit FOL Savoie

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