L’Expresso du Coin: Going FOMO?

To read out of the corner of the eye! – L’Expresso du Coin, the series dedicated to those in a hurry. A quick read, for both beginners and experts, to entertain you over a coffee. small stories, dictionary, crypto AND tidings in order to educate themselves while having a good time. Today, let’s dive into the heart of FOMO!

History nearby

Wednesday, 17:15 – Yliq Opresto comes running home from Roger Rapide High School. He slams the door of his house, throws his bag on the floor and climbs the four by four stairs to his room.

He has to hurry, his favorite influencer, Larnak Sakomu, just tweeted about it Vitecoin. It would be the opportunity of the century, Yliq has been waiting for this for months. The price has already risen nicely, multiplied by 10 since the beginning of the week. But this type of token makes x100 easy. And since the tweet is only 10 minutes ago, it should be among the first to buy, no worries.

Yliq connects his Metamask wallet IN Exchange and bam, he transforms his ath strongly accumulated with pocket money in Vitecoin. There you go, all you have to do is wait for it to grow.

Thursday – Strangely, the price of Vitecoin has stopped growing. Well, wait a minute, it’s normal.

Friday – Well, the price of Vitecoin is falling. Small temporary fragility? Nothing to panic about.

Sunday – Bit thin, the price of Vitecoin dropped by 30% overnight! What should be done?

Monday – Vitecoin has lost half of its value since then ATH (All Time High). Yliq is depressed all day in high school. Should he hold his Vitecoin in the hope that it will grow or sell and collect the loss?

Tuesday – The price of Vitecoin is at -70%. Upset, Yliq sells everything at a loss. Never again, he promises himself, never will.

FOMO is an investor’s worst enemy

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In one corner of the head – FOMO

of FOMO or fear of missing out it’s a very human feeling. The impression of losing a golden opportunity “miss the train” as the saying goes. This happens very often in the stock market or in crypto, when suddenly, after months of dead calm, a stock or a crypto begins to rapidly gain value. So she sees her course skyrocket in the space of a few days, even a few hours.

This meteoric rise makes all new investors want to buy. To enjoy the climb, of course. And yet it often is worst time to do it. Because it is precisely in these stages of the verticality of the course that the mastodons who have accumulated the said token for weeks and weeks much lower will operate. Their objective? Take their profits by reselling them to small, duped investors. Don’t be fooled.

Stay in the Corner!

To illustrate this investor evil, nothing speaks more than the latest Dogienne nugget to date. of BONK token from Solana blockchain. This dog-headed crypto has seen its run jump 2900% in less than a week. Articles, headlines, craziness on social media. Then suddenly, when no one can ignore the existence of this new “opportunity”, the price drops. In a violent way.

The principle is always the same. So always be very careful when it comes to adopting one of these cute signs, at least in appearance, which are now commonly called “meme coins”.

In the stock market world like crypto, the key is to gain control over your emotions. Fear not, FOMO. Have a well-prepared plan and invest gradually, for example through Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).

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