In Dreux, an entire street deprived of internet and telephone since December 18

Xavier D’Elgart will remember the lost World Cup final forever. This cursed day of Sunday December 18, 2022, in addition to the defeat of the Blues, it was his whole street, the quiet street de la Biche, in the neighborhood of Rochelles, in Dreux, which found itself deprived of internet and telephone.

In Dreux and Vernouillet, the roads are still deprived of fiber optics

Blame a driver. Without asking for rest, the latter hit the wooden post located at the corner of rue de la Biche and rue Jean-Moulin.

“It happened around 9:30 in the morning. My wife heard a big shock. By the time they came out of the house, the boy was already gone.”

Xavier D’Elgard (Near rue de la Biche.)

Very upset, this local resident adds: “The problem is that despite our efforts with our various operators, nothing has been repaired since December 18 by Orange, who is the sole owner of the network. long, long?! We are about fifty families to worry about. And really, we’re running out of patience.”

An intervention scheduled for Wednesday, January 11

A patience that should finally be rewarded by the intervention of a team, this Wednesday, January 11.

Xavier, like many of his neighbors, saw technicians commissioned by Orange to take pictures, take readings and make the wires, which have fallen to the ground, safe: “

“But actually nothing has happened since the event. No more landlines, no more internet, it’s a real hassle for people who, like me, can no longer work in telecommunications. Everyone has to face going to friends or family.

Xavier D’Elgard (Near rue de la Biche.)

Yvonne, an elderly lady, says for her part: “I don’t have internet or a computer. But the technicians were good. Since I’m old and sick, they made me a temporary connection so I can use the landline.”.

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Catherine Le Guillou, retired teacher, owner of her house, rue de la Biche, says:

“I am no longer active. But today, the Internet has taken such a place in our lives that it is impossible to do without it. If only for all administrative procedures, this tool is essential.”

Catherine LeGuillou (Along the rue de la Biche.)

Catherine also insisted to her operator: “Orange offered me a commercial gesture by offering me a 4G dongle which I inserted into my computer. I went to the store three times. In vain.”

This Tuesday, January 10, she finally received a message inviting her to come and collect her 4G key. Everything is fixed!

The executives of the Orange company we contacted on Monday, January 9, yesterday brought us very good news: “A team will intervene this Wednesday morning to replace the pole, rue de la Biche”, assures the communication department .
Why such a long wait before an intervention began?? Also according to the press service, requests for repairs on the public highway are increasing: “There are poles cut by accidents, but also acts of vandalism and more and more thefts”.
In 2022, 64 copper wire thefts were recorded in Loiret, 29 thefts in Eure-et-Loir, 19 in Indre-et-Loire, 17 in Cher, 11 in Loir-et-Cher and 8 in Indre-et-Loire .

Olivier Bohin

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