how to use the official simulator to find out your starting age?

it’s not late. A day after the introduction of the pension reform for 2023,, the site of the group of basic and supplementary schemes, has already put online a simulator, I’m worried? from the reform. An essential simulator as it allows you to check, at the same time, your numbered trimesters before your 20th birthday. Here’s how, in 3 steps.

Step 1 – If you were born after August 1961…

Go to Info-Retraite, the official portal for basic and supplementary plans (1)and which already acts as a hub to get a balance of your career statement, or estimate the pension you’re entitled to (before the reform introduced on Tuesday 10 January), through my pension account.

Info-Retraite now highlights, on its home page, a zoom on his everything new simulator, Am I worried? from the reform presented on Tuesday. Click and if you are not yet retired, exit to the next screen. Of course, everyone born after September 1, 1961 is affected by the increase in the legal age of 64 years. It remains to be seen to what extent and especially with how many quarters are left to contribute to reach such a crucial age of the full norm.

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step 2 – Check your quarter

Phase 1 brings nothing more than the (already) numerous simulators posted on the web. But Info-Retraite has information that no other site can: me my retirement account, this portal can help you find out how many quarters you contributed before you turned 16, 18 or 20. Information that changes everything for estimate the age at which you will be eligible for the full rateage is not to be confused with statutory age: you must reach full rate age to avoid deductions on your future pension.

Pension information

L, click I find this information in my retirement account. Sign in using FranceConnect (with your digital identity, Ameli, La Poste, etc.), then go to My career (and see my career, then enter my career).

Pension information

Quick visualization, as aesthetic as it is with recorded (in green) or incomplete (in yellow) periods, does not help you here.

Pension information

Click on the bar at the top of the screen My rights.

option 1: download it PDF yours career statementand see in 16, 18 or 20 how many quarters you have for pension insurance, in details by year which appear on the 3rd page of your PDF.

Option 2: at the bottom of the page, scroll My rights by year by clicking on the bar below.

Pension information

Once this detail has been entered into the year, go back to the beginning of your career. You can check if your summer jobs or other odd jobs done during your study years were enough to validate the quarters. Or just check the year of the first trimester appears as cotis. It is really necessary to have perceived a certain level of income to prove a quarter, to quote Info-Pension.

Retirement information

For this approach to change the situation, you must have contributed at least 4 or 5 quarters before you turn 20…

Retirement: without the reform, how much will you earn at 62, 64, 65 or 67?

Step 3 – Get a truly personalized starting age

Return to the simulator Pension reform: am I worried?. Now you can answer without any hesitation.

Retirement information

The result comes: you know if the reform bothers you, and above all exactly what it is for you the number of quarters required to qualify for the full fee.

Retirement information

example, if you belong to the generations born after 1972 and have worked in the private sector. First case, if you started contributing (more than 4 quarters) before turning 18, you will have access to the long career scheme and leave as early as age 60, provided you have contributed 176 quarters, as confirmed by this official simulator. Second case, if you have contributed enough before 20 years, this facility allows you to leave as early as age 62, provided you have contributed 172 quarters.

Paying off your incomplete years and terms, how does it work?

What if you are already retired?

If you answered yes to the first question of this simulator, regardless of whether you are already retired or not, the answer is quickly evacuated: you are not affected by the increase in the legal age and the contribution period.

Except for two details… The fact that you said the combination of work and retirement generates new rights, if this reform is approved as it is by Parliament. And the incentive promised to small withdrawalswith the concept of a minimum pension of 1200 euros gross: People who have completed a full career and currently receive the minimum pension amount can benefit from a revaluation of their pension, according to the terms and conditions that will be determined in the following weeks.

Pension reform: who can really benefit from the minimum pension of 1200 euros?

(1) is an official site without being a government site. It is run by Union Retraite, a public interest group (GIP) which brings together mandatory, basic and supplementary pension organizations, from Cnav to Agirc-Arrco through CNRACL, Ircantec, SRE or RAFP.

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