Discover the new pre-sale of this P2E crypto that could explode in 2023

Meta Masters Guilda brand new play-to-win crypto gaming platform launched its presale today and has already raised almost $30,000 in minutes.

$MEMAG token of the project is currently on sale for $0.007. Only $490,000 remains to be raised in this first of seven stages before the prize increases. During the second phase, the price will be $0.01, which equates to a 42.8% price increase for early investors.

During the seven stages of the presale, the amount raised at each stage increases, reflecting the expected growth as the fundraising progresses. Therefore, in the second step, the goal is $630,000.

The gaming market is huge and cryptocurrencies are making significant inroads into it. No wonder this analyst predicts that the Meta Masters Guild will be the platform for it cryptocurrency”play to winwith the fastest growth this year, with a potential multiplied by 10.

The Meta Masters Guild will shake up the rules of the game market

Meta Masters Guild plans to redefining the rules of the gaming worldboth across industry and in the service sector. crypto games to win. The advantage for investors is that the gaming platform already has a game, Meta Kart, which is in an advanced stage of development.

Furthermore, the project target is relatively low $4,970,000, indicates that he will have more than enough resources at the end of the presale to finance his design. A main reason why this is so is the positioning of the department web games3 as a mobile focused game.

The world’s first mobile-focused Web3 gaming association

Meta Masters Guild does not seek to compete AAA game franchiseswhich could cost an average of just over $60 million to develop.

On the contrary, the project emphasizes a mobile gaming platform which attracts a large number of casual players every day. Thus, it is possible to significantly reduce start-up costs.

Introducing the first Meta Masters Guild game: Meta Kart Racers

Meta Kart Racers is what is called a MORA (Multiplayer Online Racing Arena) type game. It consists of piloting a vehicle on a circuit against other players, human or computer.

It will be the first of many games to launch on the platform. For this purpose, The Meta Masters Guild wants to attract independent game developers in its ecosystem during the development of its ward.

The first studio to join the guild, Gamearound, blockchain gaming specialistconstitutes a privileged partner that allows the team to achieve this objective.

Mobile and decentralized gaming is booming

Among the different genres of games played in mobile devicethere are literally hundreds of millions of players that will make up the potential market for the Meta Masters Guild.

All games on the platform use the $MEMAG token, which will be easily convertible game reward token, called Crystal stones.

It is important to understand that Gems are not cryptocurrencies, but they can be converted to $MEMAG. This distinction is essential, because it means that iOS and Android releases games can be approved on Apple and Google download platforms. There will also be a browser version of all the games present in the guild.

Offer better than existing offers in cryptocurrency games and traditional games

Meta Masters Guild is not to be confused with Yield gameswhich began as a scholarship program for the Axie Infinity Project.

The Meta Masters Guild has chosen the path of sustainability by focusing on engaging gameplay instead of forcing players into boring and repetitive tasks. earn money. This approach makes it possible to attract and develop a community of dedicated players.

AlthoughAxie Infinity had great success in its beginnings and is considered, in a way, as a pioneer of “play-to-win”, did not know how to keep the length. Namely, a low loyalty of the community to his games and a tendency of his mark to speculation. This resulted in inflation of the in-game currency, SLP.

Meta Masters Guild takes on what is good at shape”play to winthat is, the technology’s ability to transfer secure and verifiable ownership of game assets to the player as owner.

How will the Meta Masters Guild allow players to take back control?

Meta Masters Guild was identified two crucial weaknesses in today’s video game industry.

First, there are big companies behind many games that put their business interests above those of the players from these games.

These business interests usually consist of extorting every penny they can from the players. This is perhaps why there has been such opposition to gaming giants such as Electronic Arts seeking use NFT for in-game purchases. Guild Meta Masters aims to put an end to this imbalance of interests.

Second, at the level of the crypto sector, he wants to transform the image and the reality of decentralized gaming. It will use technology to take market share from traditional game studios and publishers.

But the team is also working to subvert the play-to-win format, which too often doesn’t it only aims to make money and misses the fun.
The Meta Masters Guild coined the term “Play and win” as a strategy to emphasize a fun and engaging game.

play and win” it’s the smart way to go because, at its core, successful games are the ones that keep players coming back for more. Player engagement should be the number one goal and, ultimately, it is this type of long-term view that is most effective for token holder adoption and returns.

Meta Masters Guild has a powerful business area

According to data from Statista, the total revenue of the single segment racing games reached $2.68 billion in 2022.

The total number of downloads was 9.16 billion and average revenue per download is currently $0.29. So if the Meta Masters Guild took just 1% of that revenue, that would be $26 million. But that doesn’t take into account how the Meta Masters Guild aims to grow the gaming ecosystem. Therefore we cannot talk about a zero-sum game.

Annual growth rate The expected compounding of racing games revenue was estimated at 5.94% for the four years from the beginning of 2022 to the end of 2026. This assumes that the final year’s revenue will be $3.38 billion.
However, these figures only refer to the racing game segment. In general, The mobile gaming sector recorded revenue of $77.2 billion in 2020according to Newzoo Research.

Next, consider strength blockchain games in the Web3 space and its destabilizing potential against traditional industry will be great.

It also means that potential investors will be playing in the less risky area of ​​the securities industry. decentralized applications (dApp).

According to a recent report from Dapp Radar, Blockchain-based games account for about half of all active wallets in decentralized applications.

The Meta Masters Guild is currently developing three exciting games

Meta Kart Racers, mentioned above, is under development. To start playing Meta Kart, you need to select your favorite drivers and karts and then compete on one of the many racing circuits.

Meta Kart is a free game that has many game and learning features. You can choose to play solo in arcade mode or test your skills in high-stakes PVP (player vs. player) competitions.

Players use Gems or MEMAG tokens to purchase and upgrade the leaders and their cards available in the Meta Masters Guild store. You can also play in arcade mode and earn rare NFTs. Meta Kart Racers aims to become the #1 mobile racing game in the world.

The other two games are in the design phase, mainly for The World Masters meta which is a Build, Explore and Conquer mobile game created by Gamearound. In this game, players can earn or buy customizable lands and characters from the platform’s NFT store.

Meta Masters World will be a free gamebut it will also include a number of “play and win” type functions, focused on tasks related to the skills of the players.

Players can explore Meta Masters World and complete in-game quests to play and win. They can also buy land by choosing a variety of builds to help them improve their NFTs.

Second, the third game, which is also in the concept stage, is NFT Raid. The team will provide more details about this game later.

The desire to change the video game market

Meta Masters Guild has the vision and team to take crypto gaming to the next level. The popularity of gaming continues to explode and the mobile sector, in particular, is the fastest growing sector. This is also where the opportunities for blockchain-powered offerings are greatest.

Digital natives who grew up with smartphones and the Internet want to go beyond the old way of thinking, and the gaming industry is no exception to this rule.

Play, have fun and maybe win also: here’s a combination that will be music to the ears of crypto players and investors.

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