Dassault Systèmes supported by two recommendation upgrades – 01/11/2023 at 15:59

(AOF) – Double blow today for Dassault Systèmes, which today receives support from HSBC and Invest Securities. The two analysts raised their recommendation on the computer-aided design and manufacturing software publisher, allowing it to gain 1.74% to 34.99 euros. Brokers are again interested in the file after a 36% drop in Dassault Systèmes shares last year, particularly due to rising interest rates.

As part of a survey of European technology stocks, HSBC raised its Hold to Buy recommendation and its price target from €40 to €42. The design office estimates its higher revenue and operating margin growth potential.

The analyst believes his now less stretched rating provides a good entry point for this quality file; Dassault Systèmes is resilient and able to self-finance accretive M&A operations. He points out that PER has gone from 46 at the beginning of 2022 to 30 currently.

HSBC believes the group will hit its 2024 targets as early as 2023 thanks to strong operating leverage and no margin dilution as it moves to the cloud.

For its part, Invest Securities has increased its sell advice to neutral and the target price from 30 euros to 35 euros. “While rising rates have penalized the stock’s performance in 2022, our Sell opinion is no longer valid,” the research office clarifies. However, the uncertainty surrounding the timing of the results (macroeconomic deterioration, customer preferences for leasing versus buying licenses, warnings from Cenit and Autodesk, etc.) does not allow him to adopt a more positive opinion now.

Invest Securities, however, evaluates the fundamentals and the medium and long-term trajectory of results.


Main points

– Computer software publishing company established in 1981;

– Turnover of 4.9 billion euros, generated 37% in Europe, 38% in America and 25% in Asia and divided between software for 90% then licenses;

– The business model based on the 3DEXPERIENCE virtual platform of several software useful to customers in their search for sustainable innovations that harmonize product, nature and life, with 3 key sectors – manufacturing industries, life sciences and health and infrastructures and cities;

– Capital controlled at 40.2% (53.69% of voting rights) by the Dassault family, 5.96% (7.96%) by Charles Edelstenne, chairman of the board of directors of 12 members and 1.72 % (2.15%) by Bernard Charlès, Chief Executive Officer and future Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2023;

– Healthy balance sheet: debt classified A and reduced to 485 million euros and cash of 3.2 billion euros at the end of June.


– Strategy 2025:

– opening platforms for all players, from suppliers to consumers,

– acceleration of recurring revenues, through the cloud (25% of revenues in 2021, ie 860 million euros and ambition of 2 billion euros),

– capitalization in the group’s 15 main brands -ENOVIA, 3DEXCITE, CENTRIC PLM for collaboration applications, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, GEOVIA, BIOVIA for 3D modeling, 3DVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA for simulations and NETVLEDADATA for information, then NETVIBES, DIEXAA, Works for SMEs and IFWE loop for twins,

– The financial objective of the annual increase of 10% of turnover;

– Innovation strategy supported by R&D of 935 M€ with 73 centers employing 41% of employees:

– 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, open innovation that supports breakthrough innovation offers at the prototype stage carried out by start-ups, innovators or laboratories,

– supported topics: city, fashion and lifestyle and life sciences, using additive manufacturing, big data or virtual reality,

– The “sustainability commitment” environmental strategy aiming at carbon neutrality by 2040:

– 2/3 of new licenses with a positive impact on the environment in 2025,

– federation of interested parties;

– Virtual twins offer:

– operation of the specialized platform for synchronization between real products, including human ones, and data processed in virtual products,

– positioning in the circular economy by anticipating the recycling of products from their design;

– Launch of Software République, with Renault, STMicro and Thalès: joint offer and marketing of mobility systems and software;

– Activity visibility, recurring traffic that generates more than 8/10 of revenue.


– Positive positioning in the cloud, reinforced by the acquisition of StyleStage, complementary to CENTRIC PLM, and in healthcare;

– The punitive impact of anti-Covid restrictions in China, especially for SOLIWORKS

– After a 17% increase in turnover at the end of September, raising the 2022 target for a 9 to 10% increase in revenue and 14 to 16% in earnings per share, between €1.12 and €1.14 and total depreciation.

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