D2T token now available on four exchanges

After raising more than $15 million during the pre-sale and crowdfunding phase, the project Aries 2 Trade has now listed its D2T token on four major crypto exchanges: BitMart, Gate.io, LBank AND Exchangetoday Wednesday, January 11 at 11:00. (GMT+1).

In addition to the four exchanges mentioned earlier, the D2T token will also be available Changely Pro in the near future. This strategy, which consists of placing the D2T token on multiple exchange platforms simultaneously, aims to take advantage of the very significant enthusiasm enjoyed by the presale.

Record results for the Dash 2 Trade presale

Dash 2 Trade has attracted a lot of interest from investors as part of its pre-sale for several months, due to its planned trading analysis platform, whose dashboard is also available since January 5 in a beta version.

The Dash 2 Trade platform aims to become the equivalent of the Bloomberg terminal for the crypto sector and could revolutionize the rest of the ecosystem, especially thanks to several advantages such as the Dash Score.

For investors who participated in the presale and who now wish to benefit from the various listings on exchange platforms, there is however one last step.

How to recover D2T tokens?

When D2T token trading starts on exchanges, a complaints page will be opened on the official website of the Dash 2 Trade project. To recover D2T tokens in a crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, it will be necessary for investors to return to the site and click on the button “Request”.

In addition, it will also be important to define in MetaMask or your chosen crypto wallet the specific contract for the D2T token since it is a custom Ethereum token. Here is the information to import this token:

  • Token contract address: 0x4Dd942bAa75810a3C1E876e79d5cD35E09C97A76
  • Sign symbol: D2T
  • Decimal precision: 18
  • Network: Ethereum

Be careful, it is essential that you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay the gas fees of the Ethereum blockchain.

The latter can sometimes be relatively high during certain peaks of activity, which is why the Dash 2 Trade teams said yesterday via a message posted on Twitter that it would be better to have around $50 ETH in reserve, this even if the transaction costs will not necessarily be at such a high price.

Dash 2 Trade: soon an essential tool for traders?

Dash 2 Trade aims to establish itself as the leading choice for trading and analyzing the crypto market with a wide range of technical tools and indicators. This is so that investors can benefit from quality trading signals and comprehensive social analysis on the state of the markets to maximize their profits.

On the platform’s dashboard, it is possible to consult many data, including one in particular that could become a reference point in the crypto sector. It’s about Dot dot which is a score out of 100 that aims to analyze different pre-sales according to a number of criteria, namely whether the identity of the team leading the project is public, how tokenomics works, what the ultimate benefit of the project is and much more. .

Source: Dash 2 Trade / Beta

Added to this are the automated trading strategies that will be able to be tested in a dedicated environment, in this way it will be possible for investors to evaluate their models.

An alert system will also be available and will report the list of tokens on new exchanges. Note that the Dash 2 Trade teams are also the creators of Learn 2 Trade, another project which has more than 70,000 users and a strong community of 40,000 traders.

Do not hesitate to consult with I tweet of Dash 2 Trade and join the project at disagreement AND telegram.

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