Control your robot vacuum without connecting it to the internet or risking your privacy.

One of the features of robotic vacuum cleaner that abounds in stores and in many homes is that can connect to the internet. In addition, they connect to the cloud, or rather to their respective clouds, in order to synchronize data that they have collected by moving around your rooms. In principle, this data is kept secret and used to improve the performance of the robotic vacuum cleaner. But how be 100% sure?

In recent years, an anonymous hero has been working on a solution for those who suspect that not everyone can access the Internet. current internet-connected home appliances. and communicate with their producers. Or worse, as in the case of Roomba, which captured images of its owner and, without her consent, they ended up on Facebook.

The person in question is called Sören Beye and his solution is a free and open source app called Valetudo. Its purpose is simple: to ensure that your robot vacuums do its job, but without connecting to the cloud. and exchange data with the manufacturer’s cloud.

Valetudo disconnects your robot vacuum from the cloud

A robot vacuum that has fun in the clouds

As I said, Valetudo’s goal is to make your bot work normally, but without the hassle of going online to communicate with the device manufacturer. And the author himself asks you to use it freely don’t try to convince anyone. You are free to use the robot vacuum as usual. But if you’re concerned about your privacy and that of your home, here’s a solution.

With Valetudo, data collected by sensors of the robot vacuum remains in the device itself. You don’t need an internet connection to make it work. Simply control the robot vacuum through the app, which does all the work.

Another detail to remember from Valetudo’s author’s explanation is the following. your robot vacuum will continue to work even if the model is no longer officially supported or considered obsolete. It often happens that a device that depends on online servers no longer receives such support. It will continue to work even if the model is no longer officially supported or considered obsolete. servers availableits functions suffer. Or, directly, it ceases to be useful.

In short, with Valetudo you can forget updatesThe data your bot collects every day, such as user accounts, internet connections and other aspects that may make you question your privacy and where all this data goes. as he walks through your house and cleans it.

Roborock robot vacuum seen from the inside.Roborock's robotic vacuum seen from the inside.Source: Sören Beye (Valetudo)

Transmission fine print from manufacturer

The person responsible for this application is honest. use At your own risk. The application replaces the manufacturer’s cloud. Or rather, robotic vacuum tips thinking it is connecting to the cloud, as it is supposed to. Instead, it is registered in the application. This has some drawbacks. The main one is that you won’t be able to use the official app of your robot.

Another limitation has to do with the fact that not all robot vacuum cleaners are so easy to set up. Some are more resistant than others. So be well informed before making your decision. In some cases, it is possible to reset the robot to use the official application again. But it’s better not to risk it. In this link you will find list of compatible robotic vacuum cleaners and their features. There are more than 20 different models from brands such as Xiaomi, Roborock, Cecotec or Dreame.

Finally, there are features of robot vacuums that Valetudo does not support. Mainly, the ability to use multiple cards. In other words, there is no question of moving the robotic vacuum cleaner from one house to another or from one floor to another of the same house.

Valetudo has an app to check via WiFi from a phone or tablet.Valetudo has an app to control it via WiFi from a phone or tablet.

Detach your robot vacuum from its cloud

To be functional with Valetudo and disconnect our vacuum robots from the cloud, we will have to follow some steps that are not simple. As I said before, first of all make sure you want to take the plunge and that your robot vacuum is compatible. You should also check all the Valetudo cons. And if you still want to continue, you will lose all possible support from the manufacturer. So, it is better to try a robotic vacuum cleaner that is out of warranty or outdated.

Valetudo is directly installed in the robot vacuum cleaner. Here’s how to do it on Roborock robots, for example. The process is complicated, so it’s not for everyone. Once installed, it should work normally. So it’s a question of connect the robot to your WiFi network. And, to use it with your phone, you’ll need to install the companion app and docking equipment and robot. Currently only available for Android.

Overall, having this option is a great thing. Of course, install it and get used to it it requires some expertise and computer skills. To which patience and time must be added. This and the loss of some functionality and the ability to use the manufacturer’s official application. The author of Valetudo himself admits that it is not as simple as inserting a CD into a computer and following an assistant. But it is a price to pay to protect the privacy of your home if you are suspicious of the intentions of robotic vacuum cleaner manufacturers.

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