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Focus on the 38th edition of the Victoires de la Musique, which will be in full swing on Friday 10 February, live from the Seine Musicale. Find all information on aficia!

For the third year in a row, it is Laury Tillerman entrusted with the controls of the traditional Victoires de la Musique ceremony. But this time, the host will be accompanied by emblematic artists awarded in previous years. It is, so to speak, a new edition that promises many surprises to celebrate artists and music, in its diversity, we are told. Musical eclecticism no doubt, but we can still regret the lack of diversity in the composition of the list of nominees as the same names are repeated from one edition to another.

Joy will once again be on the side of announcements! Up Pierre de Maere boyfriend LiesPassing by November Ultra Where Lujipeka, the performances of four male discoveries and three female discoveries promise strong moments. Focus on the journey of these rising stars of the French music scene!

Pierre de Maere

Pierre de Maere it’s a clear revelation. Originally from Belgium, the artist brings a welcome freshness to pop with his elegance, his unique tone of voice and the quality of his compositions. No one will have lost the pipe”One day I will marry an angel”, is also expected to become Song of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique. With a clip viewed more than 13 million times on YouTube and commendable performances on the airwaves, the title is a real locomotive as a prelude to the release of Look at me. The meeting is scheduled for January 27 to reveal this first cake enriched with 12 original compositions. Pierre de Maere will also present his new songs at Olympia on May 12.

Discover “Birds”, excerpt from Look at me :


His flashes of electro pop hit the bull’s eye. I have to say that James has found its way, mischievously playing with sounds and words in a strange artistic universe. But the 30-year-old from Strasbourg has been more discreet in recent years, drawing inspiration and new life from the period of isolation. So it turns out The importance of emptiness, a very accomplished first album full of optimism and poetry. In 2022, the producer and singer was able to defend his songs on stage, including a sold-out performance on the legendary Olympia stage.

Watch the video for “Rien”:


Among the male discoveries, Lujipeka perfectly represents the new urban music scene. His undeniable spontaneity makes him one of the reflections of the new generation. A prolific creator, Lujipeka had great success within the collective Colombiaamassing three platinum discs and millions of streams for three effective records released between 2016 and 2018. Solo, the rapper asserts a carved, mature and essential pen on his first opus Russian mountains revealed in November 2021. After a 2022 rich in concerts, Rennes is preparing Roller Coaster: Menu XL, a reissue generously enriched with 10 tracks and due in stores on February 3rd. Right now, the project is driven by very energetic and current “Metaverse“.

Watch “Metaverse”, Lujipeka’s new music video:


The world of rap will also be represented by Tiacola whose success is undeniable. After earning his stripes within the group 4keusthe artist quickly surrounded himself with prestigious names to produce his first album Melo. With 17 titles and many appearances with I left, gasoline, Hamza or SDM, this disc released in May 2022 was certified platinum thanks to more than 100,000 copies sold. Federating a large community across social networks and streaming platforms, Tiakola delivers unstoppable tricks and eclectic sounds. We can only advise you to submit to the growing “Gasoline”.

Listen to “Gasolina” by Tiacola:


Since her brilliant career in the tenth season of telecrochet The Voice, in 2021, where she managed to reach the final, Lies chain of successes. It depends on his coach Vianney that she owes to the luxurious ballad “Et Bam”, which she embodies wonderfully with her sensitivity and talent as a performer. With more than 30 million streams, the title has even earned a platinum disc! Therefore, the year 2022 will be very rich for the young artist that unfolded The twentieth, a promising first record. Also, Mentissa provided the first parts of Vianney’s Parisian concerts and was nominated at the NRJ Music Awards ceremony.

Discover “Et Bam” by Mentissa:

November Ultra

Winner of the Josephine Prize in 2022, November Ultra it is inimitable. Her heavenly and powerful voice sublimates pleasant and poetic pop-folk compositions. His first self-titled album Bedroom walls it turns out to be a melodious setting of unparalleled beauty. During a musical journey as intimate as it is universal, the artist delivers eleven songs crafted with the utmost care over nearly four years. Shy and reserved in life, the artist is perfectly in her place on stage, ready to travel her compositions, mostly sung in the language of Shakespeare.

Listen to “Come Into My Arms” by November Ultra:

Emma Peters

First noticed on social networks for her covers, Emma Peters is a complete artist. Author, composer and performer, the young artist has found in music a real outlet and a way to share her ailments. In his first opus entitled Sunday, Emma Peters sings with disarming simplicity. The words ring true for pictures of life, such as The fascinating “Le temps passe” that highlights the artist’s talent.

Watch the clip of “Time passes”:

Complete list of Victoires de la Musique nominees

male artist
Bigflo & Oli
Grand Corps Malade, Ben Mazué & Gaël Faye

female artist

Masculine discovery
Pierre de Maere

The feminine discovery
November Ultra
Emma Peters

album of the year
On your side – Jeanne added
consolation – Apple
Short life – Grand Corps Malade, Ben Mazué & Gaël Faye
plurality – Stromae
Ninety-five in a row – Angela

original song
“Heart” – Clara Luciani
“Flame” – Juliette Armanet
“Hell” – Stromae
“Search” – Orelsan
“One day I will marry an angel” – Pierre de Maere

Concert of the year
Juljeta Armanet
Clara Luciani

Audiovisual creation of the year
“Getting old” – Bigflo & Oli feat. Julien Dore
“Sons of Joy” – Stromae
“Search” – Orelsan

Most streamed albums
Ninety five – Angela
Jeff – Nino

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