In Lot, residents were outraged after finding cables and internet boxes in a rubbish bin

In Gindou, local residents discovered spools of fiber optic cables and several new Liveboxes in a garbage container reserved for household waste.

Teardrop bins are definitely full… of nasty surprises. After the carcass of a wild boar was discovered by Gourdon sorting agents on December 20, there is a new discovery that is angering residents. The story is dated Monday, November 7. That day Chris Ross, a retired English-born resident of Les Arques, went shopping in Salviac. On the way, as he is used to doing, Lotois stops at Gindou, a place called La Garrigue to deposit his garbage cans in a container. “That morning, when I opened the gray bin, I discovered five batteries with 500 meters of fiber optic cable and two new Live boxes still in their cardboard boxes,” he says. In a bag, several pieces of junk including cable ends and connectors. Chris can’t believe it.

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In the afternoon, he returns to the scene and takes a picture of the contents to send to the Symictom du pays de Gourdon, the joint association for the collection and treatment of household waste. A neighbor calls him, he shows him the trash can: the same indignant reaction. “It really shocked me; we saw that these cable reels have barely been used, they should cost between 500 and 900 euros, not to mention the internet boxes with their serial number intact on the packaging, labeled in Orange. It’s a large amount of new equipment in good condition that should have been used,” he complains.

“We pay for this garbage”

According to him, the problem is clear: the technicians who installed the fiber left its very heavy residue without asking questions. He continues: “It is us, the subscribers of Orange, who pay for this waste and for this lost device.”

Five cable drums were found.
Reproduction authorized for La Dépêche du Midi

For its part, the mixed union of Gourdon country confirms that it has done what is necessary for the municipality to intervene. “Municipalities are mandated to transport large items to the recycling center, but this is a real problem because, due to the carelessness of users, they are often called and they do not always have municipal employees”, explains Myriam Pons, the director. of mixed union. Equipment needed to install fiber optic ends in the trash? A classic, laments the director. “It happens to us often, but it’s not the worst either. In December, just before Christmas, we had to call a municipality in Loti to get rid of two refrigerators full of food from a forest: they had been abandoned there, with security because the products had expired”, she regrets.

Orange Services condemns this type of practice. ” An internal investigation will be conducted by Orange to identify the person(s) responsible. If it is a subcontractor of Orange, financial penalties will be applied, in accordance with the subcontracting contracts in force. Orange ensures that all its waste is treated and recycled. So, for example, we collect 87% of our Liveboxes placed on the market for reuse or recycling. Orange has set up the RE program which allows the recovery, recycling, reconditioning of mobile phones but also the repair of mobile terminals to extend their lifespan”, the company explains.

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