Bitcoin: a response to the “deception” of central banks for this Argentine president

Bitcoin instead of Argentine pesos? – Since the approval of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador on September 7, 2021, the cryptosphere is eagerly awaiting a second place fully adopts the king of cryptocurrencies as its national currency. A potential candidate for the Presidency ofArgentina may be able to, given his pro-Bitcoin and anti-fiat rhetoric.

A pro-Bitcoin candidate with a chance to be the next president of Argentina?

When we talk aboutinflationeven hyperinflation,Argentina and its people, unfortunately, are able to recognize the disastrous effects on the economy. If in the European Union, inflation over 10% already worries a lot, it’s nothing compared to what this Latin American country has suffered.

This generated many politicians hostile to central banks and their fiat currencies. This is the case of the economist Javier Miley. And if we talk about him today, it is on the one hand because he looks rate bitcoinsand on the other hand, because it would be too much put well in the race for the Presidency of Argentina.

The libertarian, indeed, might have risen 20% of the votes in the first round, if the presidential election had been held in a recent poll, reported from Forbes newspaper. He could play the part “surprise stranger” against two other preferred candidates, from a much more traditional political line.

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Javier Milei does not mince his words against the bankers, and it pleases

The politician seems to be of the caliber of “talk to money”and these statements seem enough sap, not to say thunderous, compared to the usual political language of the wood. He does not hesitate to openly denigrate money printing and other actions of his country’s central bank.

Similarly, Javier Milei appears to be one of those (still rare) political figures who bitcoin plebiscite and decentralized cryptocurrencies, as much as possible alternative currencies in change fiat banks:

“Let’s see first, what’s the problem?” The problem and the first thing to understand is that the Central Bank is a fraud. (…) It is a mechanism by which politicians deceive good people by imposing an “inflation tax”. What Bitcoin represents is the return of money to its original creator: the private sector. (…) Legal tender allows politicians to cheat you with this inflationary tax. Bitcoin has one [code] which means that one day it will reach a certain number of units and there will be no more new ones [ndlr : 21 millions d’unités]. And what is the good here? It is the return of private money. (…) Bitcoin is the natural reaction against central bank crooks and to make money private again. »

Javier Milei is tongue-in-cheek against central bankers – Source:

A sharp speech that damnably changes the usual litanies of politicians. If he were to be elected, would Javier Milei really follow the path laid out by Nayib Bukele, the President of El Salvador? In any case, he may have to hurry if he wants Argentina to be the second country to adopt Bitcoin as a currency. of Brazil has done, for example, very recently one big step towards cryptocurrency payments.

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