Metro ticket, composting, red stamp… How digital marked their end – France

  • 1 Completion of composting at SNCF

  • Farewell ticket punched. The 3,000 SNCF composting machines will gradually disappear from stations from this year. Several reasons explain the dismantling of these yellow electronic kiosks at stations: today tickets are more often valid for a specific date of travel, which was not the case before; the composting of the cardboard ticket was no longer mandatory as of January 1; above all, between 96 and 99% of tickets today are digital (e-ticket). Therefore, composting machines represent a significant maintenance cost, each year, for very little use. Stickers will be placed on composters to warn of the new rule. For the few customers who still have paper tickets, they will need to present themselves to the captain, upon boarding, to have their tickets verified.

  • 2 The end of the metro ticket in Paris

  • Digital and not paper. In Paris, it is now impossible to buy the famous cardboard books t + tickets in the vending machines in many stations. From now on, to be able to travel, you have to go through the Navigo Easy, sold for 2 euros and rechargeable afterwards, or buy an electronic ticket through your phone and the RATP app. The company promotes this dematerialized ticket in the name of respect for the environment. By using less paper, she plans to produce less waste. In 2019, 28 million paper tickets were sold.

  • 3 Disappearance of the speaking hour

  • More people called him. of July 1, after 89 years of good and faithful service, the talking clock stopped working. It made it possible to know, by dialing 36 99, the exact time in real time. “The digitization of devices, the proliferation of resources that can provide time – mobile phones, computers, tablets – inevitably contribute to this erosion”, Orange had justified in a press release.

  • 4 Landline: the end of a certain era

  • Orange has been preparing this project for many years. He wants to change the landline telephone network from analog (RTC) to digital (TCP/IP). Therefore, in 2018, the company launched the process of decommissioning the good old PSTN switched telephone network (ie those fixed to plug into the T socket). First by placing subscriptions on hold on this type of network. A new step is taking place this year: Orange will begin to “disrupt” traditional telephone service. But it will do this gradually, according to the geographical plate. Rest assured: the landline will still work, but only if it’s connected to an internet box.

  • 5 End of red stamp

  • Completed Red Seal attached to an envelope. Competing from the Internet, the service was too expensive to maintain, for some urgent letters to be sent. Since January 1, to send a letter to D + 1, you must now go online. Mail is sent online by scanning its documents on the La Poste website. For people less comfortable with digital, it is possible to go to a post office to fill in your email.

  • 6 Evolution of mail rounds

  • La Poste will experiment with new rounds for its postmen. From March, in 68 communes (in Brittany, it would be Dinard, Pleurtuit, Landivisiau and Ploërmel), postmen will only pass to deliver parcels and letters on a route if there is one. A real difference: traditionally, a postman has a fixed route and has to go everywhere, even if there is no mail to deliver. Digital has been there. “The organization of postmen’s rounds dates from a period when D+1 mail represented the majority of deliveries, which is no longer the case today (1.5% of the postman’s bag)”, justifies La Poste, which “officially denies” the idea of ​​”Removing of the postman’s daily round”.

    (Photo Lionel Le Saux)
  • 7 End of paper receipt

  • IN April 1, 2023, the bill will (almost) disappear. It can no longer be systematically printed, unless explicitly requested by the customer. The first objective of this measure is to save paper. The bill will still exist, but in a dematerialized version. It will be sent by SMS or email, which can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

    PHOTO FRANCOIS DESTOC / LE TELEGRAMME QUIMPERLE (29): price of cash receipts for purchases supermarket food inflation Cart Caddy
    (Photo Francois Destoc)
  • 8 Closing the club’s videos

  • In France, there are only 16 left. Apart from these resisters, other videos of the club have brought down the curtain. However, they were a hit in the early 2000s with their movie and documentary rental business. The advent of the Internet and the possibility of direct download of movies orwatch it on the air (with the giants Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime)dealt him a fatal blow.

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