Mastercard and Polygon (MATIC): the power duo to launch emerging musicians

Music, master! – While many complain about the crypto winter that is falling on our wallets, it seems that the cold is not freezing the initiatives of some. This is the case of the bank card giant, MasterCardwhich is related to the polygon (MATIC) to set up a program for musical artists.

Blockchain: a revolutionary technology for artists

MasterCard therefore it was announced on the last day of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, a SOFTWARE for emerging music artists. It is built in duo with blockchain the polygon.

This program will start at spring 2023. It will equip five lucky up and coming artists with the tools, skills and access needed to thrive on web 3.

Thus, artists will have access to special events or even exclusive music releases. This unique program will also teach them how to build and implement their brand through experiences. Web 3 like:

  • The creation of NFT ;
  • Representation in the virtual world as a metaverse;
  • Creating an engaged community thanks to web3.
Polygon and Mastercard hand in hand to make the web shine 3 – Source: Mastercard

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Mastercard and Polygon: web3 to create unique experiences

This space will allow artists to come together and develop their communities. of Mastercard Artist Accelerator will also invite fans to participate in immersive events so they’re not left out of the equation. Quite the opposite.

The latter will be able to join the platform, in doing so, they will evolve with the artists to improve their knowledge. Raja Rajamannardirector of marketing and communications at Mastercard, said:

“Our vision is to connect passion and purpose, highlighting incredible emerging artists and creating an interactive community that allows participants to learn, experience and grow together. »

Furthermore, the Polygon network is one of the greenest in existence. It already has many decentralized applications, among which we find in particular music platforms Royal, StemsDAO and Bolera. Also, as the CEO of Polygon Studios explains, Ryan Wyattthis marriage of convenience perhaps paves the way for a more direct economy for artists, who sometimes suffer greatly from not having their work on the web 2:

“Web3 has the potential to empower a new breed of artist to grow a fan base, make a living and present. »

Polygon – Source: Medium

sandbox, Warner Music Group, Starbucks or Nike : many people work with Polygon, a green blockchain that has proven itself over time. Also, the MATIC cryptocurrency protocol looks good, despite the crypto winter, to have some wood to get through the winter.

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