Holoride brings virtual reality to your vehicle

Being a passenger on a long journey can be a very boring experience. Holoride, a German startup funded by Audi, just changed that. Indeed, she has set up a device that allows passengers to immerse themselves in the metaverse through virtual reality. But you’ll have to ditch the credit cards to take advantage of it.

Coindesk announcing on Twitter that Holoride is bringing VR and Metaverse to vehicles.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest electronics exhibition in the world. It is dedicated to the latest technologies in consumer electronics. On the occasion of this event we were able to see the device that the Holoride startup brings VR in all cars. like Table with ornaments As we learned, Holoride’s Motorverse works pretty well, despite some bugs. However VR imposes significant design challenges. They are even more so when it has to be used in something small and portable like a vehicle.

Audi, through Holoride, has apparently since addressed the issue. Last August, the startup was able to bring VR games for certain Audi models. Now it’s the turn of all the other vehicles. His device uses artificial intelligence to analyze the car’s movement in real time. It combines these analyzes with the movements made by the head wearing the helmet. In the end, we get an optimal virtual reality experience.

You can now get access to this device as it is on sale on the Holoride site. All you need to do is buy the helmet, the ball and a subscription to the platform. The complete device costs $799. But if you already own the VR glasses, which are actually the HTC Vive Flow, you can get the ball for $199. To all this we have to add the subscription which is 20 dollars per month or 180 dollars per year.

To make his ecosystem complete, Holoride first integrated a Metaverse aspect into the concept. Indeed, the platform you will be using has its own cryptocurrency, RIDE. This token is based on MultiversX Blockchain better known asElrond. Then, Holoride includes a concept that will motivate developers to create more and more efficient games. Indeed, RIDE will be used to receive in-game rewards and allow payments. In all Holoride compatible games, we can trade RIDE.

In addition, from now on, all Holoride related products will be able to integrate RIDE so that the payment ecosystem remains uniform. Note, however, that RIDE is not a new crypto. Indeed, it was launched at the end of 2021. Moreover, it is already listed on major exchanges such as Bitstamp, Gate.io and of course MultiversX’s DEX.

How convenient will it be to play the metaverse in a vehicle, especially at $799 per device and $20 per subscription? Motorverse Holoride’s sales numbers will help answer that question. What is certain, however, this is the importance that Web3 takes. We see that the concept is being adopted more and more by companies.

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