CryptoZoo, Logan Paul’s Play-to-Earn: A Scam?

Logan Paul is a famous American vlogger and actor known for his videos posted on YouTube. He has also appeared in films and television shows. Logan Paul rose to fame through his vlogs and challenging videos on his YouTube channel. This channel has more than 20 million subscribers. He is also known for his controversial jokes, which have often sparked controversy on social networks. Logan Paul’s ambition is to put a Play-to-Earn, CryptoZoo, online. An indie game developer named Yipy released a similar game he calls RealZoo. The game is free to play and actually has no element of crypto.

Logan Paul in turmoil

In a video, the developer Yipy said managing to develop and publish RealZoo in just a few hours. RealZoo allows users to log in using a Gmail account and instantly receive free tokens to spend on eggs, which hatch into random animals. These animals can then be bred to become hybrid animals or “burned” to gain more tokens.

An animal breeding game was also CryptoZoo’s ambition. This is a project that Logan Paul has been fighting since the beginning of 2021. Logan Paul has explicitly marketed the NFT-based game as a fun money-making game. However, Logan Paul was embroiled in another controversy when YouTuber Coffeezilla posted a three-part series claiming that Paul’s block game CryptoZoo was little more than an elaborate scam. The project sold NFT and ZOO tokens to potential investors and users. However, the game is still not finalized.

CryptoZoo closes

The question that arises is what is the reason why CryptoZoo has disappeared from its social media channels since the spring of 2022. Moreover, it is legitimate to wonder why we have struggled to complete the development of what appears to be a fairly simple browser-based card game with a cryptocurrency token. On the one hand, former CryptoZoo engineer Zach Kelling said that his team of 30 engineers is waiting for the payment of $1 million for their work on CryptoZoo. Only then will they hand over the game they developed to Logan Paul and his team.

Paul disputes these assertions. He said in a video response to Coffeezilla this week that the CryptoZoo game is still in development. Additionally, he plans to sue the YouTuber for defamation. He also said he doesn’t believe Kelling actually hired 30 engineers to build the game’s code, but only three. Paul and his manager Jeffrey Levin have yet to respond to Decrypt’s previous requests for comment.

While RealZoo may seem like a modest success, could it have been achieved at the same time with crypto elements? Developing a blockchain game can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. Development time depends on complexity of the game. As for the cost of producing a game Web3, can vary enormously. A AAA shooter can easily cost millions and millions, while a 2D card game can be made for much less.

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