3 trends to follow for your influencer marketing strategy

A few weeks ago, we presented the white paper on the 10 influential marketing trends proposed by Stellar, today we propose to focus on 3 of these trends: live, virtual world and gamification…

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1: Direct Success: when influencers play the direct card

Authenticity, high engagement rate and visibility, these are the main advantages of live. Internet users, tired of filters and other retouching, want something real, want something live. All social platforms have emerged and there are more and more formats. Be it the BeReal app (the hit of 2022), the Dual Camera on Snapchat, TikTok Now, chats during Twitch streams or even Linkedin lives, the use of “live” formats is increasing.

Internet users are really looking for these formats and the results in terms of engagement are there:

  • 64% of viewers would buy products recommended by Twitch streamers.
  • 28% of influencers have made life the heart of their marketing strategy.
  • 1 million people tuned in during GP Explorer, a Formula 4 Grand Prix live on Twitch hosted by YouTuber Squeezie.

Live breaks all records.

Here are 5 tips to take advantage of this trend:

  1. Identify the right “hosts”: social influencers with experience in this format or customers and company employees with good knowledge of your product.
  2. Make life a regular meeting. The regularity and effect of announcing the meeting will be the two keys to success.
  3. Choose the right type of content: corporate behind-the-scenes, new product launches, interviews… It’s up to you to choose the most suitable format for live.
  4. Benefit from interactivity: stay connected through chat, open live challenges…
  5. Think cross-platform: stream simultaneously to your various accounts and those of influencers.

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2: The virtual world: tomorrow’s influencer marketing beyond social networks

Networks are no longer the only social destinations. Make way for virtual worlds (metaverses), new destinations of choice for marketing devices.

In full boom, digital giants are investing massively to develop the future of digital: $120 billion has poured into the metaverse in 2022, more than double that in 2021, and its value for 2030 is estimated at $5 trillion.

Sandbox, Somnium space, Decentraland… Influencers are starting to invest in these new platforms. 56% of influencers claim they are already active, 90% are ready to promote a brand there, and 70% believe the metaverse will eventually replace social networks.

Of course, at the moment, the real world has more influence, but the future will be hybrid.

Here are some examples of using metaverses:

  • Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert was watched by 12 million people and generated more than 3 million merchandise.
  • Metaverse Music Festival 2022, a music festival organized last November in Decentraland.
  • Or Mattel, which sells toys turned into avatars on Roblox in the form of NFTs.

It’s time for experiments. Test, experiment with your brand to be ready when the time comes.

3 tips to take advantage of this trend:

  1. Adopt innovative strategies and plan testing periods: metaverses should be part of leaders’ strategic discussions.
  2. Surround yourself with web3 com agencies, especially NFT specialists, to test and build skills.
  3. Prepare for the data metaverse: regulations, collection and use… document the possibilities.

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3: Gamification, experience, challenge: captivate your community

Gamification is not limited to video games. Integrated into influencer marketing operations, it increases engagement. Thus, studies reveal a 100% higher engagement rate once game mechanics are used.

In a context of excessive advertising, the audience is increasingly hermetic to messages and gamification comes to the rescue. Indeed, followers are no longer passive and like to participate in challenges, challenges… launched by brands and influencers.

Beyond engagement, when gamification is enabled, conversion and retention rates are also there.

example : the “Coca-Cola Shake” campaign launched in Hong Kong, in which the brand combined an advertising spot and a game in a mobile app. The concept was simple: every evening an ad appeared encouraging viewers to shake their phone as quickly as possible from the mobile app in order to earn a discount on their next purchase. result : the app hit the record for local iOS app downloads in one day, and the TV ad received more than 9 million views in total.

Instagram contests, TikTok challenges and challenges, live streaming on Twitch and BeReal, Stellar’s white paper will give you interesting examples to surf the gamification wave.

5 tips to take advantage of this trend:

  1. Keep it simple to facilitate engagement.
  2. Find the most suitable device for your community.
  3. Reward participants through a rewards system.
  4. Encourage interactions by creating contacts with subscribers.
  5. Limit the marketing campaign by creating a sense of urgency around the game.

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