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The unique universe of the new series “Vortex” takes us to the heart of an investigation and a heartbreaking love dilemma, written in the past and the future. The characters of Camille Claris and Tomer Sisley face this difficult choice together in “Vortex” on Monday January 9 at 21:10 on France 2 and

New type of special effects
For the virtual production of Vortexthe same immersive technology found in The Mandalorian was used, the first to use virtual production on such a scale. To represent the temporal rift between the characters of Ludovic, played by Tomer Sisley in 2025, and that of Mélanie, played by Camille Claris in 1998, it was necessary to work differently on their screen appearance . Ludovic exists primarily through virtual reality, in these space-time beach/rift sequences. These particular sequences were shot over ten days at Épinay Studios on a specific set that included the following crew members:
— an LED screen 15 meters in diameter and 6 meters high on which images of the beach reconstructed in 3D were projected (for this several thousand 360° photos of the original Breton beach were taken, a technique also called photogrammetry) or flats ( mini – rushes, for example waves coming out on the beach),
– 10 tons of sand,
— fake stones (similar to those on the real beach in Brittany).

Thus, the actors were able to play and evolve in this hybrid environment, in front of the LED screen, instead of a classic green screen.

If you missed the start
Vortex is a brilliant suspense thriller, an investigation spanning two eras, two love stories. In 2025, crime scenes are filmed and reconstructed in virtual reality to be studied in their smallest details. Captain of the judicial police in Brest, Ludovic had the misfortune to lose twenty-seven years ago the love of his life, Mélanie. The mother of their daughter Juliette died in what appeared to be an accident… A woman’s body was discovered in 2025 on Corsen Beach, the same beach where Mélanie’s body was found in July 1998. he examines the crime scene in the room of virtual reality, Ludo, breathless, discovers there, without being able to touch her, Mélanie, alive. A time rift has opened, they can communicate between 2025 and 1998! Ludovic warns Melanie: she will die eleven days later! But saving her from certain death means Ludovic risks losing his life in the present, the one he has taken so long to rebuild with his new wife, Parvana, and their son Sam. go to change the past? If going back in time is possible, how do we save what we love? How will he achieve this without consequences in the present? So many existential questions that Ludovic will have to answer without losing his soul or reason.


• Episode 3
Ludovic and Nathan discover that the violent lover of Nolwenn, the third victim, is the son of a jeweler from Brest… Could it be the mysterious killer with the ring? As Nathan pursues this lead, Ludovic watches in horror as Parvana and Sam disappear: Mélanie, by provoking a meeting with Parvana in 1998, has changed the future! The young woman feels terribly guilty: how will she compensate for her mistake?

• Episode 4
As Parvana and Ludovic are back together – as well as Florence and Nathan – another butterfly effect occurs: Commissioner Ben Salem is now one of the victims! For his part, Ludo is convinced that Mélanie knew his attacker. Indeed, she confesses to being harassed by Orsat, a prosecutor. Ludo rushes on this track. Is he on the wrong track? The killer may be closer than you think…

• Episode 1
Brest, 2025. Ludovic Beguin, the police captain, is investigating the death of a woman found drowned on the beach in Corsen. In a virtual reality room to re-study the crime scene captured by the drones, Ludovic discovers that he can get in touch with Mélanie, his wife… who died on the same beach in 1998! A once in a lifetime chance to save the mother of his daughter!? But changing the past can have dire consequences for the present. However, for 27 years, Ludovic has rebuilt his life: he has a new wife, Parvana, and a son, Sam…

• Episode 2
Zoé Levy and Mélanie were wearing the same ring when they died: it is now certain, they have a common aggressor… who must have had other victims! At the same time, Melanie’s change of attitude in 1998 has devastating consequences for the future: Nathan, Ludo’s colleague and friend, and Florence, Melanie’s friend, have not met… They have destroyed their family! Ludo in a panic: if Melanie survives, what will happen to Parvana and Sam?

with Tomer Sisley (Ludovic Beguin) Camille Claris (Melanie Beguin), Zineb Triki (Parvana), Eric Pucheu (Nathan Leroy) Sandrine Salyeres (Florence), Ludovic (Hector Delavigne), Leo Chalie (chemical) Anais Parello (Juliet), Juliette Plumecocq-Mech (Agathe Buron) Julien Floreancig (Nicolas Orsat), Evelyne El Garby Klai (Yasmine Ben Salem) Mark Andreoni (Commissioner Le Goff), Maxime Guéguen (Sam Begin)

Series (6 x 52 min – 2022) – Written and designed by Camille Couasse AND Sarah Farkas — Based on an original concept by Franck Thilliez – Realization Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun – The script Camille Couasse, Sarah Farkas, Marine Lachenaud, Guillaume Cochard AND Louis Aubert — Original music Audrey Ishmael AND Olivier Coursier – Produced by Iris Bucher AND Roman Turlure – Production Four plays – With the support of Ile-de-France region and some Brittany regionin partnership with CNC — In co-production with AT-Production / RTBF (Belgian television) – With the participation of RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) – With the support of Procirepus and toAngola

Vortex broadcast in full on and on Monday 9 January at 21:10 on France 2
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