National 3: The Girondins drink their joker at Cap-Ferret

Romain Ferrier’s men had the chance to put pressure on the top teams if they won the late game of the ninth day. Unfortunately, they suffered a heavy defeat, softened at the end of the match by the two goals of Johaneko Louis Jean and Julien Vetro (4-2). Bordelais remain fourth, five points behind the leader, Chauvigny.

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A tribute in the foreword

But before the start of the match, it was time for reflection for Ruben Kutra as for the meeting of professionals against Rennes in the Coupe de France. This young player, who died on December 30, 2022, was at Bordeaux’s training center until last summer and was therefore known to several players in the workforce. Therefore, it was with a T-shirt and a frame with his photo that his former friends paid their last respects. Hence, a moment of excitement that may explain the completely failed start for the Girondins, who conceded the opener in the second minute to a cross at the far post saved in a touch for Lucas Alberti, who only needed to push the ball on the back of the net. (1-0, second). Out cold, the Bordeaux players were stunned and the home team felt it and pushed to score the second goal with a shot that went over the crossbar (5).

The reaction came on quarter of an hour in a cross where our striker was in front of Alioune Ngom who beat him giving a penalty to Marine et Blancs. But he was stopped by the keeper who started down the right (15) before Julien Vetro hit the post with a deflected shot after an individual move in the right corner of the penalty area (26).

This peak of our players, if it had been realized, could have changed the game of this match, but on the contrary, it was the locals who made Albert’s breakthrough for the double (2-0, 37th). Exactly with this delay of two units, the Girondins returned to the dressing room.

The Girondins were punished at the start

As during the first period, Bordelais broke through at the start of the second half with Thomas Penalva scoring the third goal (3-0, 51st). With this big advantage in the result, Ciel et Blanc of Presqu’île took the opportunity to make many changes on a lawn made worse by the day’s heavy rains. We don’t feel the Girondins are capable of getting back into the game and it was even our opponents who continued their festival with the incoming Yoro Blonde topping the bill that became salty (4-0, 78th).

It was then coach Ferrier’s turn to make a flurry of substitutions with the introductions of Ismaël Sow, Glenn Younousse and Joss Marques Da Silva (80) after that of Haruna Jamal, a few minutes before Lège Cap-Ferret’s fourth achievement (71). As we quietly walked towards the end of the game, a guilty concession from the opposition allowed our Girondins to soften the blow with two goals in two minutes from Louis Jean (4-1, 88th) and Vetro (4-2, 90- them). A late comeback which will remain anecdotal for the Bordeaux staff after this part where they generally passed.

The Girondins will have the chance to react next weekend at the Stade Stéhélin (Sunday 15 January at 15:00) when they host Pau, ninth but only three points behind our players.

Lineup: Rouyard – Louis Jean – Atallah – Doucouré (Younousse, 80) – Boudechicha – De Amorim – Pascal – Vetro – El Moutawakil (Jamal, 71) – Essiena (Sow, 80) – Fernandes (Marques Da Silva, 80)

Did not enter: Bernou (g)

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