A “Brokanteri” will be opened in Spa, with a website and e-shop

“La Brocanterie” is the name of the new store which will open on March 4 on the rue des Écomines in Spa, on the site of the former butcher Guérès. A flea market, but far from being outdated as its owner will use all the codes of modern commerce, with an online store, a presence on social networks…

“This business will allow us to sell what we take out at flea markets or when we clear out houses, but we will also shop locally. If people have a collection of postcards, a beautiful vase, etc., they can come and sell it to us,” explains Jonathan Pietrons, who runs this business with his partner Cindy Collinet.

Jonathan started as a child, with his mother. – JP

His target is mainly vintage and art deco objects, fine watches… He fell for them since he was a child, when he accompanied his grandfather and mother at the age of 8-9 on Sunday mornings to flea markets.

“I quickly got into it and learned to appreciate things. It always fascinated me so I decided to get into it. »

Tired of having a boss

While a forklift driver, he took the plunge two and a half years ago and launched himself as an independent second-hand dealer. “I got tired of working for a boss and just had time to go to the flea markets for me on Sundays. So I decided to do my job… and I’ve never regretted it. »

He has several regular clients, notaries or lawyers who need to empty their houses. Or people emptying a family building who want to upgrade its contents. At the moment, it takes care of about twenty houses a year.

A capital gain of €1200!

And every weekend, he browses flea markets in hopes of discovering the rare gem. Which he has already found… Like this gold bracelet which he bought for about twenty euros and which was actually signed by Cartier. He sold it for about 1200-1300 euros! “I have already found gold coins by emptying houses…” This is the joy of treasure hunting.

Future trade.
Future trade. – DR

The flea market is now well established, aided in this by television programs such as Affair concluded. Therefore Jonathan decided to make a business “like others” with a website, e-shop, etc.

The family is passionate about antiques.
The family is passionate about antiques. – JP

“We really want to see each other and get to know each other as much as possible. And that we can be contacted in a traditional way with a website… It allows us to have visibility almost everywhere, since I have the site, I even have people from Holland or Germany calling me about vacant houses or to see if such a property It has value. But I still lacked a place to sell. »

The business will open at the beginning of March: the work is finished, but the firemen have to give the green light.

Jonathan chose to settle in Spa because he lives there and because there is not much competition there yet. “And there was a second-hand dealer on the rue des Écomines 20-30 years ago. »

There you can find old objects for all budgets, from €10 to €500. Art deco, vintage objects, fine jewelry and vinyl… And also some small pieces of furniture.

At the same time, she will also launch her e-shop. Because today it is sold a lot online and especially in Spain, Italy and France. Every week, he already sends about twenty articles.

Ambitious, Jonathan and his partner are already looking beyond the March 4 opening. In the next two to three years, they hope to open a salesroom in a neighboring business and hold auctions once or twice a month. And the legacy has already been announced. Jonathan’s son asks to do the same job later and his daughter… auctioneer!

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