Training of the Girondins: climbing the line of sight for the National Team 3

This weekend, the Girondins reserves are back in their gloves for a late game on the lawn of Lège Cap-Ferret. A little throwback to Romain Ferrier’s Players Championship debut. A satisfying result that puts our Navy and the Whites in the top flight with membership a huge reward to be had at the end of the season.

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An unclear offseason

With a fourth place finish last May, Bordelais was legitimately hoping for a podium or more this year. But with this summer eventful with the relegation of the flag team and the specter of the club being relegated to amateur level for weeks, one wonders if the staff will be able to manage these difficulties and prepare this group, deprived of many mounted drivers. with pros, in National Team 3 matches.

The mission was proposed to Romain Ferrier, winger of the Girondins between 1997 and 1999 (51 matches) with the title of champion of France as apotheosis under Elie Baup. He ended his playing career in 2010 and took charge of an amateur team, US Pegomas before joining Stade Rennais where he successfully managed the U15, U17 and professional reserves. He returned to Gironde in the summer of 2021 in charge of the U19s with Rio Mavuba as assistant and had a fine season with a third-place finish that convinced the board to appoint him as Matthieu Chalmé’s successor.

The Girondins at the right pace

With just two defeats by the shortest margin against Poitiers (0-1) and Chauvigny (1-0), the men with the scapular were strong and comfortable on the move with three wins in four games. The only drawback is the lack of points against direct competitors in the promotion: defeats, we saw against Poitiers and Chauvigny, then drew at home against Anglet (1-1) and Libourne (0-0). It was probably during these matches that the lack of experience and maturity of this group did not allow Bordeaux to win.

However, in case of a good result in the basin, they will take third place, two points behind the leader, Chauvigny. For this second part of the championship, the Girondins will have to be masters at home, all the more so that, apart from Chauvigny, they will only receive lower-ranked teams, to fight to the end for first place, synonymous with climbing to National team 2.

This will carry a greater attacking weight, as coach Ferrier regretted during the last game defeat in Chauvigny. It is true that our players owe their victories to a good defensive base and great efficiency in front of goal, as when they hosted Portes Entre Deux Mers (2-0), because in the game, Bordeaux players often have problems in the last meters . , especially at home, the Stade Stehelin lawn does not help, in their defense. In the offensive animation, the formula has not yet been found and this will be the axis of progress that the staff is looking for in order not to be dependent on individual blitzes.

Workforce Review

In goal, Romain Ferrier did not display any real hierarchy with an alternation between the group’s three goalkeepers: Louis Bahoya (3 terms), Guerric Bernou (2 terms) and Davy Rouyard (4 terms). In defense, one player stands out, he is central Yael Mouanga, holder in all matches and who had played as a professional in the friendly match against Clermont but also in the Coupe de France in Brest, last season during the Covid pandemic in. the professional group. A real calm coupled with a natural power, a bit like Junior Mwanga. Then we have Tijany Attalah (7 starts) who has just signed his professional contract tying him to the Girondins until the summer of 2025 and is a versatile player as he can play as a winger, center or midfielder.

In the regular members of the initial formation, we find the left wing Aissa Boudechicha (7 stays) or Rayane Doucouré (6 terms) who form with Mouanga and Attalah, a very solid and interesting central axis. Then, the workforce can rely on the players we have discovered in Ligue 2 Johaneko Louis-Jean (5 meetings or Zhak Ekomie (2 terms) or injury returns like Ismaël Sow (2 terms) and Glenn Younousse (2 terms).

In between, we see that the rotation is going full speed ahead with calls to the professional group of players like Lenny Pirringuel (5 terms), Emeric Depussay (3 terms) or Logan Delaurier-Chaubet (1 term). We can mention Mathias de Amorim (5 starts), part of the U19s last season, who had a good first season in the National 3. He was even rewarded with a call-up from David Guion for the preparatory course in Spain and Portugal. Cup. This technical midfielder with a good vision of the game is really promising.

Also to follow Emmanuel Biumla (3 starts), another off-season call-up who is only 17, proving to be a big hope for the club as a defensive midfielder and centre-back. Then we have Joss Marques Da Silva (3 starts), the lookalike of Rio Mavuba, both physically and in style of play with his great recovery activity. And finally Johab Pascal (4 terms), international from Haiti who could not confirm the hopes placed on him due to numerous injuries. He is under contract until June, we will see if the club is still counting on him with an extension.

A departure for the transfer window to fill

Finally, in attack, the spearhead with 4 goals is Emilien Makagni (9 starts). He made a quality start to the season before running out of steam at the end, possibly depriving him of an appearance in the pro group he regularly joined during training. This forward and attacking midfielder can be quite the player if he finds consistency.

His strike partner, Lucas Rocro (6 starts) has scored two goals and has just signed his professional contract until 2026, but he will miss out as he is on loan at National in Bourg-en-Bresse, a sign that the club trust him for the future. His departure could give more game time to David Tebili, an U19 player who has one start and five appearances with one goal to his name. Romain Ferrier can then rely on many elements with different profiles. Sharp and fast laterals like Marvin DeLima (5 meetings), Luc Essiena (4 meetings) or Julien Vetro (5 terms) or more physical attackers like Cehaib El Moutawakil (4 terms) or Alexandre Fernandes (1 term).

For the resumption, it will be this weekend with the trip, this Saturday to Cap Ferret at 19:00 for a delayed match, postponed due to impassable ground before taking on Pau next Sunday. Let’s hope for a full box to enter the competition for National 2, which would be a very good thing for the development of our youngsters who can evolve to a higher level.

Contribution written by Cedric Nougué-Top sOciaL of WebGirondins.

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