D2T token will soon be listed on exchanges

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Dash 2 Trade raises $14 million with its presale: D2T token will soon be listed on exchanges

After raising more than 14 million dollarsthe Dash 2 Trade project is preparing to launch its native token on exchanges.

After a presale that had outstanding results, especially because the goal of $13.4 million was reached faster than originally anticipated, the project management team Aries 2 Trade decided to extend the fundraising campaign.

The latter is currently continuing with a fifth and final phase, called Over Funding, which will continue for a few more days. During this new phase, the developers have grown with 36 million the number of D2T tokens available for purchase.

Dash 2 Trade continues its pre-sale for several days with Overfunding and this additional funding phase is particularly important because it will help further develop D2T.

However, we note an increase in the sale price of the token from approx 4% with a difference from 0.05333 to $0.0556. Thanks to this slight increase, the expected presale total gets a $2 million boost and now stands at 15.4 million dollars.

Therefore, the presale will end in just over three days, on January 11, the date on which D2T will finally be available on some centralized exchange (CEX) platforms. Additionally, Dash 2 Trade will also be available on Uniswap decentralized exchange.

Initially, a liquidity injection will be made to Uniswap at 09:30 (UTC) ; then to 10:00 (UTC) it will be possible to recover previously purchased tokens in Dash 2 Trade official website.

Moreover, it is also 10:00 (UTC) on January 11, D2T token trading will start. This from a total of four exchange platforms with LBank, bitmart, Otherwise, AND Gate.io which recently announced the listing of D2T.

As a reminder, Gate.io shows a trading volume greater than 200 million dollars a day which allows it to rank fourteenth among crypto exchanges according to data from CoinGecko.

Dash 2 Trade: a project with significant return potential

The arrival of Dash 2 Trade has created tremendous excitement within the crypto ecosystem due to its core features. The purpose of Dash 2 Trade is to help investors better monitor the markets through a wide range of tools.

It is possible to find among the features offered technical indicators, data about the prevailing sentiment in the market, but also automatic trading strategies, subscription alerts in case of a new listing, backtesting to preview the impact of your trading strategies. future and many. more.

Users will be able to access the platform for free, but use of all features of Dash 2 Trade will be subject to a subscription. The price of this subscription is set at 400 D2T for the third initial AND 1000 D2T for the third professional. This mechanism allows you to give a real benefit to the D2T token, which will have positive consequences on the price of the token in return.

In addition, it is essential to note that the project was carried out by the management team of Learn 2 Trade which benefits from a large ecosystem with more than 70,000 members and 40 thousand merchantswhich is a testament to the commitment and ambition of Dash 2 Trade.

How to participate in presale and buy D2T token?

At first, it will be necessary for the interested presale investor to download a crypto wallet, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Then to go to presale website and click on “link wallet” button to link your crypto wallet.

To buy D2T tokens, you will need to own ETH or USDT. Note that it is possible for investors to buy ETH directly on the Dash 2 Trade site. All you need to do is proceed with the purchase by selecting the number of D2T tokens you wish to purchase.

When the fifth and final pre-sale phase ends, investors will need to re-enter the platform in order to receive their D2T tokens. This will be possible from Wednesday, January 11 at 10:00 (UTC).

You must define in MetaMask or the crypto wallet of your choice the specific contract for the D2T token because it is a custom Ethereum token. Here is the specific information to import this token:

  • Token contract address: 0x4Dd942bAa75810a3C1E876e79d5cD35E09C97A76
  • Sign symbol: D2T
  • Decimal precision: 18
  • Network: Ethereum

If you want to buy D2T tokens or know more about the Dash 2 Trade project, feel free to visit the official website by clicking on this connection.

You can also subscribe to I tweet official and join the server disagreement.

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