the new virtual reality video game from Meta

It’s official,Horizon Worlds of Meta it is finally available in France. Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook, has just launched a solution in France offering users the ability to create virtual reality content easier. In effect, Mark Zuckerbergfounder of the platform Facebook and CEO of Meta, announced the arrival of Horizon Worlds first in France as well as in Spain. We will explain everything to you!

What is the Horizon Worlds Meta?

L’Meta Horizon Worlds app is an RPG (role-playing game) video game developed by the independent studio Horizon Games. Released in 2022, this game quickly became a huge success thanks to its original universe and immersive game. It is a kind of giant virtual world in which different people live together and can participate in different activities, just by moving from one place to another. Meta Horizon Worlds app is one center of the game and the content, related to the social network concept of Facebook, looks a bit like Roblox from Dreams and Second Life from PlayStation VR. The Horizon Worlds meta was first launched by Facebook in August 2020 as a platform in beta by invitation only.

The original idea was that users could rely on a set of predefined creation tools for the purpose of creatingVR experience they want to live. Subsequently, Horizon expanded to include other platforms such as Horizon countries for the public and Horizon workrooms for professionals. Worlds of the Horizon pursues its goal of providing The VR platform in order to create virtual experiences but also a common space for multiplayer games with the ability to play games created by other users. The game stands out for its freedom of movement and exploration, which allows players to roam across vast and diverse universes, visit towns and villages, traverse dungeons and discover new regions as the adventure unfolds. .

How to download Horizon Worlds?

Woman with virtual headset to play Horizon Worlds

If you want play horizon worlds, you must first download the Horizon Worlds app. You will then be asked to link the game to your Facebook account. To access Horizon Worlds, you’ll also need to set up your headset Oculus Quest 2 through the Oculus app and also link it to your facebook account. Only people over 18 can play Horizon Worlds.

Ready to get started?

Horizon Worlds is a unique experience to live whether you are pro or con metaverse. It’s about accessing a virtual world where several universes coexist, some created by Meta and others by outside creators. Throughout the universe, the player will be able to use Wing strikes to fly planes, enter Interdimensional Matter to complete puzzles, and American Idol VR in which he can use his vocal talent to compete in virtual public spaces. The user will also have access to club fuegoQuesty’s, UA Comedy ClubKowloon Kowloon etc.

Numerama, the digital and IT news website was able to test it facebook metaverse for a period of one week without the use of any type of entertainment other than the Meta Quest 2 (Oculus Quest 2) headset. In summary, Meta Horizon Worlds is an exciting video game that will delight RPG fans with its original universe, immersive gameplay, and fascinating story. If you want to embark on a unique and extraordinary adventure, Meta Horizon Worlds is for you.

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