Millionaire thanks to Bitcoin: what if BTC had made you rich?

Oh if only I had known Bitcoin before! – The ultimate regret of any individual who has already taken a small interest in the world of cryptocurrencies. “If I had bought 100 BTC in 2011, I would be a millionaire “. Or not. That’s what we’ll see.

Bitcoin, an adventure in the Wild West

When a new investor spread A new eye on the course of Bitcoin, it is not uncommon for a flood of regrets to overwhelm him. “But why didn’t I know about Bitcoin when it was worth it 1 dollar ? Then we are forced to dream of luxury villas, whirlpools, island paradises and holidays in the sun. Trapped in our boring daily lives and tired of a desperate boss and a job that has lost the flavor of the early years.

What is often forgotten are the circumstances of the time. WHEREAS Bitcoin celebrates its 14th birthday, this is an opportunity to take a step back. Dare to set foot the jungle Bitcoin in 2011, you had to be adventurous. Adventurous digital of course, but adventurous nonetheless. The underlying technology was far from obvious, as was the intrinsic value of this strange anomaly that emerged from the depths of the Internet. Who then would have dared to put the smallest marble into it? It would even be 100 euros ?

Back in 2011, betting on Bitcoin was like playing Russian roulette

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A dazzling growth of course, but also many empty passages

At a time when we he was only talking about dark money and that only a few enlightened people exchanged passionate messages in an anonymous forum, would you have dared to take the plunge? Then in 2013, when they pushed to a crazy moment, keeping the price of Bitcoin past $1000, would you have been crazy enough to not take your profits?

Would you have managed to avoid the Mount Gox cataclysm which is then swallowed 80% of the ecosystem ? Would your mind would have allowed you to stand against all odds 2 years gold market that followed between 2014 and 2016? While Bitcoin was repeatedly declared dead? The truth is that those who got rich in 2017 and then in 2021, during previous market peaks, belong to two categories. Those who forgot all these years that they had bought Bitcoin and remembered it at the right time and those who became so passionate about the technology that they forgot its speculative aspect. Would you fall into one of these two categories?

Bitcoin, the secret to wealth

Can I tell you a secret? Don’t tell anyone. Bitcoin wealth is not found in its ability to make you a millionaire. But in the open mind and freedom it is likely to give you. First, be open-minded from the influx of new knowledge that does not fail to arise as soon as one takes a little interest in this sector. Because prisoners of our social shirt, we are often not aware of the true meaning of things. Concepts that are nevertheless crucial escape us, slip through our fingers, our attention skillfully diverted by forces beyond us. What is currency? What is freedom? can we trust the banks ? In the government? Why does finance play such an important role in our geopolitics?

It is not a question of making a thesis for each of these subjects, but to stay curious to try to understand the world around us. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general push us unconsciously towards the study of these subjects. And give us a first view of our company, its successes and failures. bitcoin is an open mind.

Bitcoin reveals a multitude of fields to which it is intrinsically linked.  Notions of money, freedom, geopolitics, finance...
The true value of Bitcoin: A different world view and a flood of new knowledge

Bitcoin, a question of the main principles of our current society

Freedom then. That of owning our property, our money. This too of escaping from the unhealthy surveillance of our society, which strengthens its control around us every day. Wanting to regain control of your private life doesn’t mean you have bad intentions. Wanting to regain control of your money, the hard work of your work, does not mean you want to loot the society in which you live. Bitcoin makes you think about the issue of freedom.

Bitcoin makes us rich with thoughts, ideas, perspectives. Sometimes it’s good to question our preconceived notions to look beyond frozen and unmoving image that society imposes on us. Bitcoin offers an inner richness, a perspective on the world that sometimes it’s good to keep growing, to evolve. And it’s never “too late.” such “wealth” prospects.

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