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As the population ages and chronic diseases develop, we see the difficulty people have in walking. These people are 4.25 million who have difficulties in finding suitable care: limited hospital capacities, lack of financial means to procure suitable machines in small structures, etc. That’s why EzyGain has created Amy, a treadmill that allows you to perform balance exercises in complete safety at home, benefiting from the support of a professional.

Rehabilitation of democratic treadmill walking

home handicap adapted brisk walk by EzyGain

For the purpose of performing exercises at home, EzyGain has created the innovative and compact Amy routine. This portable and easy-to-move mattress provides ergonomic access. A complete service is also provided: delivery, training and warranty.

This mattress works on 3 levels:

  • improved balance
  • walking
  • cognition by working on concentration, reactivity and memory

Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and physiotherapists’ offices will also be able to benefit from this carpet.

An all-in-one secure device

Several types of exercises are possible with the Amy mat: walking, muscle strengthening, sitting work, trunk work or even upper limb work when paired with a virtual reality module. Indeed, various accessories are available with the Amy rug. This immersive virtual reality helmet allows you to work in augmented mode on walking, upper limbs and observation.

Its frame is strong and the mattress is only 10 centimeters from the ground. To avoid securing the exercises and the transfer and stance phases, the mat is used with an anti-fall harness.

Accompanying equipment available

For those who wish, an EzyGain qualified and trained fitness professional can be present during training. EzyGain’s tele-training module allows the professional to set appropriate goals and motivate the user.

Sensors are integrated into the treadmill analyzing the user’s gait in real time. These sensors also make it possible to obtain information on his gait cycle, the position of his center of gravity or even his cadence. Fun exercises and cognitive games are also available, as well as gait and balance exercises.

A modern carpet, safe but also connected

To accompany the routine, an app is available that offers two types of programs that can be accessed on a touchpad while walking:

  • Balance games to improve stability: lateral support transfers, antero-posterior support transfers, multidirectional and static balance assessment
  • Walking landscapes from around the world that allow for exploration or even cognitive stimulation. Users do guided exercises motivating them to discover new landscapes

What are the beneficial effects of the Amy carpet?

This carpet helps people with motor disorders in their rehabilitation. Physical progress is rapid thanks to various exercises. Balance and walking improve, but also self-confidence increases tenfold.

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