Châteaubriant: this couple created their agency to help companies develop online

POP Agence will be set up in February 2023 in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). ©L’Éclaireur de Châteaubriant

Residents of Soudant (Loire-Atlantique) for two years, Marcos Torres and Marcela Scavuzzi will be settled February 2023 in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) with their digital marketing company “POP Agency”. Formerly located in Nantes, The Brazilian couple also lived for four years in London before landing in France.

“We like Châteaubriant, and we have great plans here“, says Marcos immediately.

Develop your brand image

“It’s good to have an account on social networks, but still need to know how to use it“. This sentence can summarize the problem that the entrepreneurial couple proposes to solve his digital agency . “A lot of people are barely internet savvy, have a website or a Facebook page,” Marcos notes.

Therefore, the two marketing specialists provide support for professionals manage their image and activity online focusing especially on communication through social networks like Instagram.

And for this, several things can be decided. “Necessary give clear direction in the account, and run the communication campaign to reach a specific audience, and thus increase turnover. »

Another important dimension in this era where the image is primary: emphasizing your person and being identifiable, as much as the product being sold, develop its brand image.

We take the opposite door-to-door approach, ensuring that customers come directly to us.

Marcos Torres

Employ 2 to 5 employees

If Marcos manages the French branch of the Pop agency, Marcela takes care their Brazilian customers, but also develops service for people who speak Portuguese (Portuguese speakers) in different countries of Europe.

Videos: currently on Actu

A steady pace for the two entrepreneurs, who also need to be organized considering life delaywith Brazil.

With a large blended family, and mostly working from home, the couple needed one large five bedroom house, which they recently found in downtown Chateaubriant.

Marcela and Marcos are also looking a place to set up their business so that they can accept customers, but also hire “3 to 5 people” in the near future. As for their customers, they have already contacted some local merchants, such as Papybot Microbrewery,a producer or a spirulina keeper.

We want to show that today it is as easy to sell as to buy online

Marcos Torres

The company also aims to be present in the next edition of the Fair of Béré.

Until then, Marcos and Marcela hope that the Châteaubriant companies will be ready to follow them in the transition to digital.“Let them calm down, the couple jokes. we’re not going to ask people for that do dances on TikTok“.

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