Audruicq media library: the number of subscribers is increasing, what are the reasons for the success?

Inaugurated on March 24, 2015, the Albert-Doublet media library is definitely part of the cultural landscape. The figures for 2022 testify to her excellent health.

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Philippe Caron, the director, appreciates ” good team work “. In 2018, she was enriched with a multimedia profile ” to create new services “. The manager evaluates the quality of reception that the staff reserves for subscribers. ” People feel good here, they can relax, we listen to them, it’s friendly. The structure fully plays its role of social connection, meeting place. “For Philippe Caron,” the audience is fantastic: they are curious, with different expectations, passionate about new things “.

Since 2015, the media library has enriched its offer and now offers new services. First of all, it was the implementation of the department’s digital portal in 2019 which ” provides access to one and a half million resources. Even if people remain attached to the paper book, they appreciate the opportunity to consult the press online. Young people and teenagers mix the two Then came 2021 Fab lab
:” O
n is about the future of the media library, an evolution that will offer even more services and democratize tools such as the 3D printer. »

Many activities have been added: literary breakfasts, shows, meetings with authors, multimedia courses, youth activities and board games… Finally, a Facebook page is born. Finally, Philippe Caron emphasizes the support of the municipality and the Department that allow the fund to be partially renewed every year: ” L
The municipality has made a great effort to set up an effective tool at the service of the community. »

Which media library tomorrow?

For the record, Philippe Caron, in 2014, was charged by the elected officials of the time to setting up a cultural project to occupy the old town hall transformed into a media library and ” make it a friendly and welcoming place
shines “. He then turned to collection development and creation, created resource management software, and immediately created a loan car. ” From the beginning it worked. People lined up to sign up. »

Bibliotherapy sessions as well as virtual reality and video game experiences are planned for the future.

Albert-Doublet Media Library, 86, Place du Général-de-Gaulle in Audruicq; 03 21 85 00 93.

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