Amy, a wheelchair adapted treadmill

Amy is an innovative and compact treadmill that allows you to perform training exercises at home. As the population ages and chronic diseases develop, more and more people have difficulty walking.

What should you do when you have difficulty walking?

In France, 4.25 million people have difficulty walking and find it difficult to find the right care: hospitals have limited capacity and small structures do not have the financial means to get suitable machines.

It is precisely to meet this need that EzyGain has launched the Amy routine, which allows you to perform balance exercises in complete safety at home, with the support of a professional.

A true innovation, Amy’s rug is the ideal ally for people who suffer

physical difficulties in their daily struggle.

An innovative treadmill

Amy is an innovative and compact treadmill to do

training exercises from home.
Its dimensions are only 1.40 high by 1.30 long and it is easy to move. In addition, it is portable and offers ergonomic access.
It comes with a full service that includes delivery, training and warranty.

The carpet works on three levels:

  1. improves balance,
  2. improves walking,
  3. improves cognition, working on concentration, reactivity and memory.
Amy is also suitable for use in small facilities such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and aftercare and rehabilitation, and
physiotherapists’ offices.

A tied rug

An app related to Amy accompanies the routine and offers two

types of programs, which can be accessed using a touchpad

installed in front of the pedestrian’s view:

  • Balance games to improve stability: lateral support transfers, antero-posterior support transfers, multidirectional and static balance assessment.
  • Hiking landscapes from around the world. They allow for exploration, cognitive stimulation, dual tasking. While traveling through capital cities, forests, fields and mountains, users perform guided exercises. These programs are real training, motivational and follow-up tools. Thanks to their efforts, users can earn trophies.

Amy can also be used with an immersive virtual reality headset. He is

compatible with EzyGain’s VR Essential virtual reality module, which allows

to work to strengthen walking, upper limbs and


Ezygain: a startup promoting the autonomy of vulnerable people

EzyGain is a French startup that designs smart and connected rehabilitation equipment suitable for large and small structures.

Its ambition is to help all people in a difficult situation, due to a disability or illness, to train in a fun and safe way in a center or at home, without the risk of falling.

The company is the first to offer such a service at home. Since its inception in 2016, EzyGain has launched several products, including the Ema treadmill, the Cyclo Sense bike sensor, and the VR Pro and VR Essential immersive virtual reality rehabilitation kit. Its devices have been used in healthcare facilities since 2018.

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