+ 455% of online searches since this summer!

If the French are worried about the price of energy, they are interested energy renovation AND for the diagnosis of energy performance (DPE)they are less anxious the law on Climate and Resilience, energy audit or system of energy saving certificates (EEC).

This is revealed by a study by Heero, a specialist in energy renovation financing, which analyzed the nature and volume of queries typed by internet users on Google over a long period (up to 15 years) to identify energy trends and housing.

The volumes of research about the cost of energy have increased significantly

One of the most striking figures from the Heero study is the increase in the volume of inquiries about the price of heating in 2022. Although there is a strong seasonality, with a peak in inquiries every autumn, the volumes of inquiries about the cost of energy increased significantly in September 2022 (+455% between June and September, compared to +328% during the same period in 2021).

This increase in search volumes can be explained: September is the month during which energy prices jumped by more than 17% according to INSEE in a year.

Comparing research on different heating methods, the question of fuel price dominates, although only 13% of main dwellings are heated in this way in 2021.

Several research peaks are observed: in 2020, during the first isolation during which households consumed more, but also in March 2022, in connection with an increase in energy prices of 28.9% in one, then in September (+17 .8% in one year).

Searches reached an all-time high in November 2022, with more than 200,000 searches per month.

Gas price searches in recent years follow the same trends, but to a lesser extent. A recent development, related to the current energy context: research on the price of wood or electricity.

Pellet price searches also peaked in September, when their price rose to over €500 per ton, from €300 in July 2021.

An interest in energy renewal for two years

Energy renewal is a topic that came up in research during the lockdown, during which the French became aware of the importance of being well at home. A reaffirmed interest from early 2022.

On the other hand, if the mention of the RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) is apparently unknown to the French, it is nevertheless very much in demand since the obligation to call a professional RGE to benefit from tax credits dedicated to the renovation of residential energy .

In November, more than 16,000 searches were conducted for the term “RGE” alone, and many related searches were conducted to specifically discover RGE professionals in their region.

Lots of research on grants and rewards

Claims for energy assistance and premiums have increased by 650% over the past five years, with a peak for “MapreRénov” in January 2021 when it extends to all landlords, regardless of their resources, as well as landlords and buildings.

On the other hand, compared to the lower volume of research related to it, the system of energy saving certificates (EEC), established in 2006, seems to remain unknown despite its age.

The Climate and Resilience Law still unknown, unlike the DPE

The Climate and Resilience Law of August 2021 seems far from being at the center of French concerns, while many, whether renters or owners, will be directly or indirectly affected by it.

If the energy audit, the most recent, is also still little known, the diagnosis of energy performance (DPE), meanwhile, dominates the search: “We notice a peak in 2012 when many decrees and modifications were made, but also when the thermal regulations ( RT ) 2012 were deployed”, analyzes Florianne Marandel, data scientist at Heero, responsible for the study. “Since the health crisis of 2020, interest in ZHF has increased and strengthened further since the Elan Act of 2021 made it enforceable, then the Climate and Resilience Act, the rent ban is based on ECD. »

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