Pharmacies accepting crypto payments through Binance Pay in Ukraine

Even in a war-torn Ukraine, citizens must be able to heal themselves. How to pay when mutual financial institutions are almost out of business? ANC, the largest pharmacy chain in the country may have shown the way. Indeed, it has partnered with Binance to allow Ukrainians to pay with their cryptocurrencies via Binance Pay.

Coin Telegraph reports that a pharmacy chain in Ukraine has enabled Ukrainians to pay with their cryptocurrencies.

Binance Pay and ANC Pharmacy: A Savings Partnership

ANC Pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain in Ukraine with 1100 stores across the country. On January 3, we learned from CoinTelegraph that it will now allow its customers to pay in cryptocurrencies. But at the moment, this type of payment is only accepted for online purchases. You will have to downloadBinance Pay app so they can pay. It will then be necessary to go to the ANC website, select the product to buy and pay. The pharmacy will deliver the product to you.

ANC Phamacy is the first pharmacy chain in Europe to accept cryptocurrency payments. The new system will be deployed first in Kyiv. It will be located in the Kopiyka and Shara pharmacies of the ANC network.

As a reminder, Binance Pay is a secure and contactless crypto payment system. The payment was originally created to facilitate exchanges between users through the Binance app. One of the biggest advantages of Binance Pay is that it allows you to pay without fees. Besides, he doesn’t bother with borders. Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has used cryptocurrencies several times receive large donations for example.

Binance has finally found a gateway to Ukraine

For several years, Binance has been looking for an excellent gateway to the Ukrainian market. Prior to the partnership with ANC, it had entered into a partnership with a supermarket chain called Varus. This time too, the partnership had to allow payment with the Binance Pay Wallet.

It’s a safe bet that this won’t be the last partnership of its kind. Indeed, of the 4,200 companies operating in the country, 63% continue to operate and 38% even plan to hire additional staff. Therefore, Binance has room for expansion.

Ukraine itself has shown great interest in cryptocurrencies since the beginning of the war. The country’s central bank wants to create e-hryvnia, its digital currency. This CBDC should help the country support its financial system and strengthen its monetary sovereignty.

What is happening in Ukraine shows us how cryptocurrencies can effectively come to the aid of a suffering people. In a world that is rarely at peace, we can expect this type of payment to be useful on several fronts. That said, minimal infrastructure is required for this type of solution to be possible.

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