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$an international visual content platform, recently released its annual forecast of trends in the visual creative universe: Creative Trends 2023: Ready to Escape?.

Surrounded by experts from around the world, they examined the styles, themes and ideas that influence creative communication, providing valuable insights into how, this year, brands and content creators can improve their audience engagement.

Seeking new experiences from consumers

Today’s consumers are hungry for new experiences. They hope to be able to engage with brands that offer an alternative look at everyday life and inspire others to get started.

Creative Trends 2023: Anime Thrill

In 2023, through creative approaches, XR technology and more complex manufacturing techniques, content creators will have the opportunity to entice a variety of audiences and invite them to immerse themselves in creative worlds that are both familiar and new.

Nostalgic trends of the 2000s and the environment

of The 2000s nostalgia trend and the rapid growth of streaming services have reignited universal enthusiasm for certain cartoons that many enjoyed watching on DVD in their youth.

The year 2023 will see an increase in the popularity of eco-friendly and “re-wild” initiatives, a wider use of visual techniques that feature nature-inspired colors and a hiking and camping aesthetic.

Creative trends 2023: Back to nature

Environmental topics will increasingly push brands and content creators to take inspiration from nature and collaborate with engineers or scientists to achieve immersive designs.

Population Aging: Intergenerational Mixing

Population aging will be an important social issue. According to WHO1 in 6 people in the world will be 60 or older in 2030. When it comes to brand communication, we will probably see more images and videos illustrating the different age groups.

However, the visuals should go beyond the basic concepts, not just old people smiling for the camera or playing with their grandchildren.

Creative trends 2023: Wonderful era

Authentic images will show various activities in which baby boomers or early members of generation X throw parties, hang out with friends, have fun, experiment with looks and start new careers.

Maximalist, eclectic aesthetics and effects

among the main creative trends of the new yearwe will find maximalist, eclectic aesthetics and sometimes very loud, spawned by movements like “Romanticize Your Life” and “Dopamine Dressing.”

Creative Trends 2023: The Etheric World

Another trend, inspired by the magical realism of the 20th century, will influence creative editing and post-processing : Blur and opacity effects, deep shadows and fascinating compositions will be more frequent in works of visual creation.

Wellness and health projects created from the growth of Metaverse

The Rise of the Metaverse in 2022 has influenced the direction that welfare projects are taking. Careful and health-focused practices are now migrating from homes to various settings, including museums, resorts, and the streets.

Creative Trends 2023: Improving Health

In 2023, brands will be integrated into their marketing activities well-being experiences powered by augmented reality and virtual reality.

“Forecasting creative trends, a project that has won Red Dot Awards in 2022, aims to inspire $ customers and contributors, make them more future-proof, help them stand out in a saturated market, and free up time for other creative tasks. To make all of this possible, we monitor trends throughout the year.

We start with research, reach out to the global creative community, pull information from our gallery of 250 million files and analyze statistics. We’re also collaborating with industry professionals who share their insights and expert advice on the ideas, aesthetics and movements that will dominate creative communication in the coming year.

For this year, we have identified seven key trends that we believe will dominate creative communication. In 2023, brands and content creators will work to develop different types of creative worlds. They will use best practices from animation, the metaverse, the magical realism art movement, and more to illuminate our everyday lives. – Maria Sibirtseva, Head of Content Team at $.

Content creators involved in the Trends 2023 project

To provide even more unique insights to the public, the $$ team involved creators and industry leaders in the project.

Comments were shared by:

  • Taysa Jorgevisual artist;
  • Nuria Vilacreative director and designer with a positive impact on the environment;
  • Nohlaba studio focused on producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design and technology;
  • Thalia Castro Vegapersonal stylist and maximalist content creator;
  • Monga Da Brazilian design studio striving to create great things;
  • Alexander LadanivskyyUkrainian photographer and traveler, and
  • Nikola (Nic) PalmariniDirector of the UK National Center for Aging Innovation.

“When developing creative concepts for new projects, we are always guided by our research. This year, we decided to bring together a dreamy and immersive aesthetic for the design of Creative Trends 2023. This visual solution is inspired by 20th century magical realism, using images that blur the line between dream and reality.

The flower animation, which is a key element of the landing page, looks like a pendulum that captivates you and puts you in a hypnotic state. The entire design is thought to help you dream, escape from the everyday and stimulate your imagination. —Tati Timoshenko, Creative Director, $.

Creative Trends 2023 by DepositPhotos

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Project team:

  • Alina Volchek (Marketing Director)
  • Tati Timoshenko (creative director)
  • Maria Sibirtseva (Leader of the content team, creative writer)
  • Anastasiia Fed-Titova (PR and communication manager)
  • Yuliia Smal (art director, UI/UX designer)
  • Anna Timarevska (Ukrainian writer and translator)
  • Andrii Korostil (editor)
  • Dima Hubenko (video editing)
  • Iurii Cherkashyn (projector)
  • Nastia Karate (content selection)
  • Sveta Protsun (design specialist)
  • Development team (Serhii Tkachenko, Yakymchuk Oleh, Molodchenko Anna, Shulha Alina)

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