BMW makes us dream with this glass worthy of a movie theater

BMW is taking advantage of CES 2023 in Las Vegas to reveal the Vision Dee concept, which previews the next generation of electric cars planned for 2025. On the program: a revolutionary head-up display and some bonuses inherited from a virtual world that we were able to discover at the premiere in Munich a few weeks ago.

Last year, at CES 2022, we were able to find out BMW iX Flow Concept : electric e-ink machine from the e-ink company. A concept that will lead to nothing at the moment, unlike the study of the new style presented by BMW for CES 2023.

Her Nickname: i Vision Dee. This is a concept car that is supposed to preview the upcoming electric platform of the German brand, planned for 2025 : the famous Neue Klasse. Let’s specify from the beginning that the grand design ofa compact sedan three-box should not restart in production. This concept car wants to show more of the path of onboard technologies that BMW wants to take.

If you’re a bit of a geek at heart and love technology, beautiful screens (like LG’s dedicated for cars) and nice cars, then you will be served. What is most obvious when approaching this electric car are its windows. They are transparent, but equipped with screens. When these are on, the windows are no longer transparent, allowing you to take full advantage of the displayed content.

What good could this be? We will not lie to each other, not much from the outside. But once behind the wheel, it’s a different story. The windshield can also be transformed into a giant screen, no longer allowing light to pass in and out. The idea is to be able to submerge the driver and passengers a mixed reality (which adds real elements to the virtual world) or totally virtuala choice.

In detail, the windshield and windows have five different modes to match five levels of autonomous driving. The first level disables the display, the second level displays only the information on the screen (like a head-up display). From the third level (the one that allows us to talk about autonomous driving), screens will appear informative contentsuch as social networks.

The fourth level enters a mixed reality, allowing the display of information about the environment. Finally, the fifth level immerses us in virtual realitycompletely disconnecting us from the world, to reveal another universe.

Of course, this device will not be used as is by BMW in The upcoming electric 3 Series which will see the light of day in 2025. On the other hand, the teams of the German manufacturer confirm that a function will evolve enormously thanks to this research: the main screen.

This functionality, very practical, should know its little revolution in the coming years. Instead of limiting itself to a small area projected in front of the driver on the steering wheel, BMW sees much bigger. From 2025, the main screen will be projected across the entire width of the windshield. This should make it possible to display a lot of other information besides speed or mapping.

We can then imagine watching a movie during a charging break, or displaying a much more advanced and complex map than currently. The machine can project, in mixed reality, pointer (like arrow) to know exactly which intersection or which road to take. As some cars already do, like BMW iX, but on the central screen. The geekiest of us could imagine playing on this virtual screen, with one GeForce Now for cars like Nvidia doesWhere a Steam like Tesla.

For the rest, we leave you to enjoy the photos of this magnificent concept, which we would like to see one day rolling on our roads, in a slightly more civilized form. The sedan is not dead, and BMW tries again.

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