TheMEGLAND, the new gaming star in the metaverse

Although we are in a bear market context, the blockchain industry has proven its resilience. In addition, she is full of creativity and is never short of exciting new projects. This is the case of TheMEGLAND, who immerses us in his community metaverse where NFTs meet Play-to-Earn. This decentralized video game platform open to a large audience is synonymous with freedom, both for users and creators. Discover with us this world that is not ordinary.

The video game industry is booming

The video game market ranks first in terms of entertainment. According to Statistics, weighs only 87% of the sector to the detriment of music and cinema. Moreover, the health context related to Covid-19 has been favorable for it as it has earned about 300 billion dollars in 2021.

With the advent of blockchain, especially metaverse AND NFT, enters a new chapter, whose pages will be able to be written by the most avant-garde. Indeed, blockchain and its derivatives are a real lever of growth for video games due to the emergence of a new category of players, who are above all attracted by the innovation of the game. Web3.

TheMEGLAND, the master of a new world of video games

This platform is the culmination of two years of development, the main objective of which is to allow users to create, play, share and exchange without central control. In this context, TheMEGLAND brings together crypto game enthusiasts and online video game enthusiasts.

TheMEGLAND offers a virtual world accessible on PC, console and mobile. Aware of the opportunity offered by blockchain, TheMEGLAND team offers an innovative alternative to classic video games. In other words, it comes to solve the centralization problem of traditional video games which limit the rights and ownership.

To do this, TheMEGLAND is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Indeed, its ease of handling, reliability and interoperability won over TheMEGLAND team.

Although virtual asset trading is common in the video game industry, it has traditionally been reserved for publishers or the black market. Also, TheMEGLAND allows players through NFTs to take back control, as they guarantee sole ownership of a digital asset, regardless of what the publisher decides.

TheMEGLAND wants to be a profitable ecosystem above all for its users. To this end, creators can enjoy the fruits of their labor fairly and players can enjoy their immersive platform journey without control of their data or assets. In other words, users have the option to implement games for more experts or simply monetize their experiences on the platform.

As creators, they decorate their universe with landscapes that correspond to them such as medieval cities, space stations, etc. As players, they have the opportunity to play in mythical places, fighting with loved ones.

TheMEGLAND, much more than an NFT sales showcase

Some platforms that claim to be virtual reality video games are in practice just bait for selling NFTs. Fortunately, TheMEGLAND is a true video game in the metaverse. Thus, its graphics are inspired by the biggest names like Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto. He confirms this White paper. Its gameplay mechanism is based on four components: assets, LANDS, avatars and the MEG token.


These are digital goods intended to be registered as NFTs. As a result, creators benefit from real added value. They are divided into 5 categories:

  • Dressed up that allow you to customize the player’s avatar;
  • Equipment which provide functionality to the avatar. These can be weapons, cars, helmets, swords, shields, gloves, etc.;
  • subjects that make up the game environment and its interaction. These include avatars, animals, monsters, monuments, etc. Creators can program entities to interact with the player according to some predefined scenarios;
  • Art it’s about the aesthetics that make the gaming experience more engaging. One can cite for example the statues;
  • blocks they also have an aesthetic role, but they are environmental assets that can transform the appearance of the landscape such as water, sand, etc.


These are digital assets in the game that are represented by plots. In other words, they are pre-built virtual lands owned by players that are used to publish a game or to rent out to game creators. Each LAND is 96 m² and appears as a square.

TheMEGLAND has a limited number of plots, with a total of 178,929 plots sold over five years. Players can try their hand at real estate development. Thus, they can combine LAND to make PROPERTIES which in turn can form the CIRCLE together.

TheMEGLAND has even thought about community interactions between LANDS. Indeed, by mutual agreement, if you have a LAND and your friend also has a LAND, you can create a portal to move players from one LAND to another without going through menus.


It is a 3D representation of a player in the game and can be modified according to their preferences. Moreover, this avatar comes with a number of preset animations such as dancing, walking, running, jumping, climbing or bending.

MEG sign

It is the token that regulates exchanges in TheMEGLAND ecosystem. As a result, all creators and players have access to it. MEG is a utility token that performs several functions:

  • Access to the platform: users spend MEG to play games, buy gear or customize their character;
  • Governance: MEG token holders can participate in platform governance decisions through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO);
  • Action: allows users to receive income from mining on LANDS;
  • Stock group and foundation funding: 5% of all MEG trading volume (trading fees) will be allocated to 50% of the Staking Pool as a reward for MEG staking token holders. In addition, the remaining 50% will be allocated to TheMEGLAND foundation.

A multifunctional ecosystem

In his house MEGLAND, the user contributes to the creation of the game. Also, its ecosystem is based on three pillars, the common denominator of which is the contribution of users to the operation of the platform. These are MegEdit editor, market and Game Maker.

MegEdit editor

It is a modeling software that allows users to create and animate 3D, 3D voxel or 2D objects, for example characters, animals or tools.


Users have the opportunity to upload, publish and sell their creations (assets) made in the MegEdit editor in the form of NFTs.


It is a game design software through which users can decorate their EARTH with assets. Additionally, they are also allowed to implement interesting and nuanced game mechanics by assigning default behaviors to assets via visual scripting nodes.

To finish

TheMEGLAND offers us a project cleverly thought out by its team of experts. The platform is a source of added value for both players and creators. Indeed, creators can let their imagination run wild while enjoying the fruits of their labor thanks to NFTs. Players, in turn, benefit from a community experience of the metaverse while earning income. The disruptive concept of this platform is at the antipodes of the traditional video game market. Therefore TheMEGLAND allows a step into the future with a well-rounded guide. For this purpose, the platform invites you to end the year in style with the first part of her mint scheduled for December 20.

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