The future of blockchain gaming – The creator of Final Fantasy goes on and on

Gaming and blockchain: soon inseparable? – Blockchain, the future playground for the biggest game boxes ? It is quite possible given the scale of this revolution and what it can bring from its decentralized aspect to the world of video games. A shared vision Yosuke MatsudaCEO of Square Enix, the box behind Final Fantasy.

Square Enix is ​​going full blockchain

IN paper congratulations to its employees, Yosuke Matsuda shared his vision for the future of gaming and his company’s role in it. To say the least, Square Enix’s CEO is full of praise for the upcoming blockchain revolution. The future of gaming will be blockchain or it won’t be.

“Traditional games have been centralized until now. On the other hand, blockchain games should work based on a self-sustaining decentralized model. It is this concept, this philosophy, that is the key. »

Yosuke Matsuda

For Matsuda, blockchain has earned its stripes as a full-fledged investment sector in 2022 in the world of finance, as the term “web3” it was going mainstream. Beyond the volatility of prices, especially in the downward direction this year, it should be recognized: the underlying emerging technology should not be ignored.

In addition, Yosuke Matsuda extensively discusses the problems of inflation, chip shortages, the war in Ukraine and even bankruptcy of crypto exchange FTX. All these cataclysms have hit the crypto market during 2022 and have not helped, it must be said, in promoting the sector. But behind the scenes, armies of developers continue to build our world of the future, especially in games.

Blockchain games, at the heart of Square Enix’s investment plan

“We are primarily focused on blockchain entertainment. A sector to which we have aggressively allocated large amounts of capital and development efforts. »

Yosuke Matsuda

The president also welcomes the Japanese government’s actions to promote web3 technologies, even including the use of blockchain-based NFTs in its program “The program of priority policies for the realization of a digital society”. On the other hand, he regrets the countries that implement a “Regulation too early and too heavy” of this emerging industry.

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Blockchain games: the trend for the coming years?

For Matsuda, the period of confusion surrounding cryptocurrencies is inherent in the emergence of any innovation that disturbs already established social patterns.

“Once these societal barriers of prejudice obsolete, some of these technologies will simply become part of our lives, eventually allowing new sectors of activity and growth to emerge. »

Yosuke Matsuda

After the incredible enthusiasm shown by NFT and metaverse in 2021, 2022 was the year of the descent back to earth. These concepts, fueled by the enthusiasm of the general public before the technology was fully ready to welcome it, are not dead for all that. This process of creative destruction will undoubtedly make it possible to bring forth the projects of tomorrow, which are much more powerful. And Square Enix aims to play a leading role in the blockchain gaming branch.

The first steps of blockchain gaming have certainly seen the birth of the trend Play to win, which means a way for players to earn money by playing. However, the concept has found its limits given the lack of attractiveness of these games. Indeed, games are made to have fun, to have fun above all else. This is Matsuda’s vision. For him, blockchain is a way to bring a variety of new experiences to players around the world.

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