Revenge of Internet Explorer? Microsoft challenges Google with ChatGPT

To dethrone Google, Microsoft has decided to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI chatbot into its Bing search engine. A strategic decision that could prove fruitful and allow the firm to finally successfully enter the Internet market after a long history of failures initiated by Internet Explorer…

Both Google and Microsoft matter among the biggest tech giants and digital. G and M ERROR extend their tentacles into a wide variety of industries and compete in many sectors.

For some technologies, Microsoft beats Google. For example, in cloud computing marketthe two firms respectively occupied second and third place on the podium BACK Amazon Online Services.

On the other hand, in the web domain, Microsoft has always lagged behind Google. His browser Internet Explorer has long been derided Internet users before finally disappearing, while than Google Chrome is ” browser » the most used in the world with more than 65% of the market in 2022.

Similarly, the search engine Google is used by more than 90% of Internet users in the world. For its part, Microsoft Bing comes in second place, but barely reaches 8% of the market share…

However, as a good solution for 2023, Microsoft seems determined to dethrone its rival. According to a quoted insider from Informationthe Redmond firm has found the ideal weapon for it allow Bing to outperform Google : artificial intelligence.

A new version of Bing enhanced with ChatGPT

To increase the performance of its search engine tenfold, Microsoft has decided to add to Bing OpenAI’s amazing ChatGPT chatbot. As a reminder, this AI is publicly accessible as of November 2022 able to answer any questions submitted by the user. In seconds, it can generate a recipe, a dissertation, a dissertationa news article or even a poem.

With his bluffing skills, ChatGPT creates noise on the web and social networks since its inception. For many, this chatbot could make many professions disappear and make SEO writing software obsolete like JasperAI.

In the eyes of experts, this AI capable of synthesizing publicly available data may even constitute a solid alternative to search engines classic. However, if Google is still hesitant to take a step, Microsoft has decided to exploit this new asset without delay.

The American company is convinced that its conversational format and its contextual responses user requests can lure Internet users. Instead of providing a list of links like Google does, ChatGPT can actually produce high quality natural language response.

By integrating this next-generation chatbot with Bing, Microsoft hopes to add value to its search engine and take market share from Google. After all, as an eternal second far behind the market leader, the firm has nothing to lose by daring to innovate…

However, again according to the source, Microsoft prefers to continue evaluating ChatGPT’s performance and the accuracy of its responses. HE can be integrated with Bing until March 2023after testing with a limited group of users.

Microsoft’s secret strategy has finally been revealed

let’s remember that Microsoft is one of the main supporters of OpenAIwith more than a billion dollars invested in 2019. However, still according to The Information, the agreement with the organization includes “authorization to incorporate certain aspects from GPT on Bing. So it’s a long-held ambition…

Already today, an older version of GPT is used to produce automatic query suggestions when the user types in Bing. Likewise, Microsoft has already announced its plan to integrate the image generator text in art Dall-E 2 to Bing Image Creator.

However, The Information’s source clarifies that “ Bing will continue to rely on its own technology to produce most search results as ChatGPT is not designed for “ Continuously crawl the web or provide real-time information like a search engine does “.

However, the chatbot will be able to suggest questions related to the user’s question or keywords to get more specific answers. And since OpenAI plans to make its service paid, Bing might become the only way to access it for free.

Why Google can’t afford to use AI

For its part, Google is quietly working on a technology similar to his LaMDA system : Language model for dialog applications. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, the Mountain View firm refuses to open its chatbot to the public for fear of tarnishing his reputation in case of deviations or errors…

However, according to the New York TimesGoogle now considers ChatGPT as a threat” code red » for its web hegemony. The company mobilized a team of researchers to respond urgently, and Microsoft’s decision is likely to add further pressure. Therefore, we can expect Google to add an AI-powered chatbot in the coming months as well!

And you, would you be won over by a search engine in the form of a chatbot? Or do you prefer to browse the web in a more traditional way? Share your opinion in the comments!

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