Media consumption, advertising, web 3, data, commerce,… 33 key figures to understand the end of 2022

To start the year in the best care, we invite you to take a look at the end of 2022, with a quick reading of the 33 figures for the months of November and December. Black Friday, Christmas, NFT, connected TV, consumerism, budget constraints, connected commerce, data, HR,… discover the editor’s pick:


Yahoo, Prisma Media, 366 and Média.Figaro are the 4 main major networks according to Global Internet Audiences, October 2022 by Médiamétrie, each surpassing the figure of 30 million unique monthly visitors

Yahoo, Prisma Media, 366 and Média.Figaro are the 4 main major networks according to Global Internet Audiences, October 2022 by Médiamétrie, each surpassing the figure of 30 million unique monthly visitors

Yahoo and Taboola join forces for 30 years

Marie-Claire sold 85 “committed” NFTs on November 9th in order to supporting women’s rights, education and ecology.

Data: 68% of industry executives and managers say the average profit from using data and AI is growing.

Technical profiles are still in high demand with 78% recruitment target for Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers.

This year, Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon are the 4 most inspiring brands in the world according to Wunderman Thompson’s Inspire Score.

LinkedIn passes the milestone of 25 million membersi.e. 80% of the French working population.

Numeum and the Syndicate of Digital SMEs-SMEs announce their merger and now hold the voice of 2,500 companies that generate 85% of the total turnover of the digital sector in France.

France Digitale revealed with Bpifrance Le Hub the third map of influential startups, which presents 1074 startups, i.e. +28% compared to 2021.

Present everywhere in France, these startups employ more than 30,000 people and have raised 8.3 billion since their inception

With 100 distribution partners to date in Paris intra muros and near the crown, DoohIt’s DigiBag provides brands with 1 million weekly impressions at peak times in the city center.

consumption :

25% of French respondents put “being more environmentally active” at the top of their New Year’s resolutions.

On average, the French pay €1095/month for their mandatory expensesi.e. 35% of their average net monthly income

61% of French respondents have seen their monthly fees increase since last year and 22% say they are the same as in 2021.

The French say they spend an average of €41/month on their leisure subscriptions according to

Among these subscriptions, video streaming (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc.) is the favorite of the French: 34% of them say they could not live without it.

Connected TV: 58% use it to watch content other than that offered by traditional channels according to a Captify x GroupM study.

76.3% of Internet users listen to online content every month according to the IAB Digital Audio Panorama, 2022.

INSEE estimates that 12% of French people do not have enough to connect to the Internet correctly at home.

CONSUMPTION – focus on year-end celebrations:

Printemps has launched drop 2 of the brand and its virtual fashion offerings 51 mostly gender neutral pieces for adults and kids, but also pets.

15% of the French say that sustainable products and brand values ​​represent the selection criteria, this would encourage them to return to a brand or retailer discovered during Black Friday.

56% of French think that Black Friday promotions are not real promotions

Christmas: 82% of French consumers plan to buy their gifts at a physical point of sale

€446 (+ €30 vs. 2021), this is the average budget the French intended to spend on their Christmas presents according to a Bonial study

However, according to a study by Yahoo, 39% of the French have announced that they will cut their budget compared to 17% in 2021.


More than half of the French (55%) expect distributors and brands to offer discounts or refunds to meet their budget concerns.

Mirakl’s State of Online Market Adoption study found this out 70% of consumers worldwide believe that marketplaces are the most convenient way to shop.

86% of French people say they only contact customer service if they have no choice.

53% will try to reach customer service through different channels to get a faster response.


According to the new edition of GroupM’s “This Year Next Year” report, advertising investment marks worldwide growth estimated at 6.5% and 7.6% in France for 2022.

Digital advertising growth estimated at 9.3%down 4.2 points from the June forecast and after a strong 2021 (+32%).

Meanwhile, TV growth is returning to pre-pandemic levels, albeit more slowly in 2022 with an expected growth rate of 1.7% (excluding US political advertising).

44% of brands plan to increase their connected TV ad budget in 2023 according to an AppsFlyers study.

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