Internet outage for three months: the blocked state of a Soumontais

Neither fiber nor ADSL can be connected to his house at the moment.

The house is located on a footpath, behind the small bridge that crosses the stream Fozières, but nest above all at the end of the absurd. For more than three months, Jean-Pierre Venchiarutti lives there without internet, without television and without a landline. A Kafkaesque situation between Soumont and Fozières, between Orange and SFR, between ADSL and fiber optics, tangled in ISP cables and battered by bad weather.

On September 24, 2022, an electric shock damaged the ADSL cable supplying Jean-Pierre Venchiarutti’s home. “I contacted Orange and its subcontractor Sogetrel, who informed me that they no longer work on ADSL, but only on fibre. I then thought of connecting to fibre, when I realized that my house was not suitable.”he says, a thick pocket of documents under his arm.

Not eligible for fiber

In the satellite network coverage plans, found on various official sites (such as the regulatory authority of electronic communications:, the accommodation is quite distinct, but no green dot indicates its possible connection with fiber. Strange, when it seems that all the surrounding houses, including those on the same path (most of which are in ruins), including the nearest neighbor, fifty meters away, are acceptable.

This is because the property of Jean-Pierre Venchiuratti, acquired in 2016 and “140 m2 perfect habitable”he specifies, it has the peculiarity of being located in the territory of Soumont, but away from his dwellings, instead of being in the continuity of the houses of Fozières, by the stream. “I think I just forgot. When I made the plans for Fozières, they didn’t take me into account because the house is on the opposite bank, and on the Soumont side, nobody noticed my house down, evokes the pensioner. I can understand that. it’s a mistake simple, but we cannot correct the situation”.

A 90 meter cable

Sadly, while waiting for an internet service provider (Orange or SFR) to agree to undertake the connection and thus apply for the right to fibre, Soumontais reverts to ADSL. “It is a necessity: at the moment I regularly go to Nîmes, to my daughter’s house, to take advantage of her connection for a few hours.”

To solve the problem, the only repair consists of replacing a 90 meter cable along the route to the house. An intervention that Orange does not want, according to him, not to program, given that the cable is not accessible due to vegetation. On the embankments where the device blows, thickets and thorn trees require longer work and the placement of an umbilical. For Jean-Pierre Venchiarutti, “the provider does not want to waste time on so few subscribers”.

No matter, the pensioner asks the municipality of Fozières to carry out pruning work. Also unsuccessful: “The pillars are located on four private properties, says Michel Combes, mayor of Fozières. I sent letters of recommendation and only one owner answered me”.

On the part of Soumont, the mayor Daniel Valette tells this “This completely insane story is unfortunately not isolated to the rural world, but in his case, you just have to pull a cable! With a little goodwill, we should get there…” After our call, the Orange supplier assured to contact the victim “understand and try to find a solution”.

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