Insatiable mobile internet? Here are 3 interesting packages with more than 100 Giga data.

There are hundreds of mobile offers, with about fifteen operators, for all kinds of uses. There are those who want to be available, nothing more: make a few calls, answer an e-mail, share a photo… There are the classic daily users: they browse a little more, watch videos on Youtube or listen to music on Deezer.

And then there’s you : insatiable, bulimic, insatiable for data. The Internet is your gateway to the world: it’s your social life, your entertainment, your work tool. You’re connected from early morning to late night, switch from streaming series to online video games, and sometimes even share your connection with your family or friends. In short, you’ve done the math and know how to use your data : the minimum is 100 giga per month ! So, especially for you, we have distinguished 3 nuggets, among mobile offer of 100 GB or more :

Lebara: 100 gigabytes at a low price

Do you absolutely want to surf the best web in France? Here is Lebara, Orange 4G network user since August 2021. Reserved for new customers, it is Non-binding 100 GB package for €11.99 recharges every 30 days.

Calls and SMS are unlimited to landlines in mainland France, but not mobile phones or MMS. It’s a little disappointing, but it’s a legacy of Lebara’s DNA, which originally specialized in selling prepaid phone cards abroad. Lebara preferred to maintain a system of selling additional “international passes”.

On the other hand, we appreciate the possibility of upgrade to 130 GB for just one euro more.

Your price: 110 gigabytes, more flexibility

Start by checking who has the best network coverage near you, and make your choice: rather Orange, or SFR? Each of the 5 Youprice packages is offered by one or the other of the two current carriers.

of Your Plus Price Package. is reserved for new customers. Nothing extraordinary from the phone: calls, SMS AND MMS are unlimited for fixed lines, to and from mainland France. Unlimited calls also from the Europe area and foreign departments, to France and the same areas. However, we will appreciate it if we are able make calls over Wi-Fi or 4Gwhen possible.

On the data consumption side, Youprice’s The Plus is an adjustable package : your subscription is actually a range of mobile Internet consumption included between 110 and 150 GB, from €10.99/month, price guaranteed for 1 year. Add 3 euros for 20 gigabytes.

At this rate, he uses 4G networkif you don’t pay 5 extra euros per month to access 5G. Provided you have a compatible smartphone, it is a recommended option for users in densely populated areas such as city centers, business centers, train stations and airports…

Free series: 110 gigabytes, but that’s just the beginning

Reserved for new customers, the limited edition “Série Free” is available. no commitment, for one year: 110 GB on 4G+ for €14.99/month. We find unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, to fixed phones AND mobile phones this time, in mainland France and the DOM and Europe areas.

Enjoy your silence 110 GB mobile data to watch the latest episode of your favorite series: know that one hour of streaming video in standard quality is barely more than one gigabyte of data consumed. So welcome to the various apps for watch TV from your smartphoneand a nod to football fans: a premium access to Ligue 1 Uber Eats app is included in the offer.

You’d almost be sad to see your subscription automatically end at the 13th month: in fact, you move into year two at “5G Free” package €19.99 : crazy speeds are up to you, even in dense areas, it’s up to you duplicating your datain short, you won’t know how to do without it!

A little tip before I leave you to think: if you get a box subscription at the same time as your mobile plan, The “Free Series” will be half price!

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