Connected shower, VR headset and fridge… Here are 4 funny gadgets spotted at CES 2023

Awaiting the official opening of CES in Las Vegas, the big show dedicated to new technologies, the first exhibitions allow you to discover the trends of the year. Surprisingly, there are some very fun things to be found at CES in Las Vegas, sometimes even tempting.

The biggest show dedicated to new technologies is not just a place where revolutionary products are announced. On the contrary, in most cases, the innovations of startups and big brands fall more into the “gadgets” category. Don’t see any harm in it, it is not because a product is not essential that it is not attractive. Some of the products discovered by Numerama in CES 2023 really make you want to, even if their concepts give you the impression that they are in a parody series (ah, Silicon Valley we miss it sometimes).

The connected shower, the first favorite of CES

In the middle of the corridors of CES Unveiled, the event where companies meet before the start of the show, some products intrigued us. Of course there is the world’s first wireless television, but also much more unusual objects, such as the Kohler connected shower. Here we are not talking about a shower head that can be controlled on a smartphone, but about an entire shower cabin. The hand-cranked shower column is replaced by a touchscreen that works underwater and can take voice commands.

The connected shower is not yet available in Europe. // Source: Numerama

What’s the point? To provide more options for the occupants of a home according to Kohler. The water temperature can be controlled to the nearest scale, the intensity can be precisely adjusted, you can easily switch from one mode to another… Even more fun, you can use Google Assistant and Alexa to increase or decrease the temperature when the head yours is under water. At the end of the shower, we collect statistics on the water consumed and its temperature habits. It’s silly, maybe not very useful, but it really makes us want to redo our bathroom.

Regarding the risk of electric shock (yes, this is a detail that matters), Kohler explains that the power plant of its connected shower can be placed outside the bathroom. The cable that powers it is long and moisture resistant.

The connected bathroom rug, a not too dumb idea

At the booth of French startup Baracoda, there is a fun product called BBalance. It’s not new (we’ve already seen it in other shows), but it still has its charm. Its concept is not stupid at all, Baracoda has integrated a kind of scale into a bath mat. No need to buy a special product, brushing your teeth or drying yourself out of the shower is enough to get statistics on your weight or posture. Thanks to a foot recognition system, the bath mat can also identify different people in a family.

This bath mat is also a scale.  // Source: Numerama
This bath mat is also a scale. // Source: Numerama

Marketed at the price of 299 euros, the Baracoda bath mat needs to be refilled every 4 months. It is more expensive than a scale, but it makes it possible to do without an additional object in small bathrooms.

Virtual reality gloves become reality (get it?)

So, admittedly, we look a little funny when we try on the bHaptics gloves. But the technology presented by this company has something to attract some of the most ardent users of virtual reality.

If the future of consumer headsets is undoubtedly direct control with your hands, virtual reality gloves can increase immersion. We can shake hands, grab objects, or touch walls as if they were real. These gloves may have a future in the video game sector or in highly realistic demos.

Battery cooler, because why not?

Ecoflow, the giant battery specialist capable of powering anything and everything (a heater, an air conditioner, a motor…), has some fun new products at CES 2023. Among them is a portable cooler (capable of made ice cubes) completely powered by a battery. So you can go on an excursion for a few days, with ice cubes and frozen meals.

Ecoflow cooler, presented at CES 2023. // Source: Numerama
Ecoflow Cooler // Source: Numerama

But that’s not all, we also find in Ecoflow an autonomous lawnmower, also with batteries. CES is a place full of surprises, we can’t wait to discover more.

Numerama is in Las Vegas for CES 2023

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